News Charges against former pro wrestler Kevin Nash dropped

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Jan 16, 2015.

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  1. Hey yo. Does this mean he can take part in the upcoming NWO reunion on RAW? I would hope so, but we'll see I guess.

  2. Ah, hopefully this means Nash will be on Raw. I'd enjoy it
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  3. Was pretty obvious based on what I read of the incident that he was not in the wrong. It does sound like he raised a real shithead of a son though.
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  4. He did what I would've done if my son came home like that. "I'm still your father you smug little shit"
  5. Absolutely he did what he had to do with his son acting like that. I'm saying he has a real asshole for a son, possibly because he wasn't around much when he was a kid to raise him. Pure speculation.
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  6. Read the news yesterday.

    Here's to hoping he'll be on RAW Reunion next Monday.
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  7. Good, was stupid he even got arrested for that incident anyway.. Oh well at least the law eventually came through and made it right.
  8. "Oh, sorry we locked you in a cage for the night. Guess you hadn't done anything wrong. Our bad"- police.
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  9. ^^ and the other officer would reply "It could be a lot worse, you should be thankful it worked out...this time."
  10. Then the cop flashes the wolfpack hand symbol

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  11. Update On If Kevin Nash Will Be Appearing On RAW This Monday, More Legends Confirmed For Show


    - Awesome, looking forward to it. It's gonna be too sweet!
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  12. Very cool
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  13. Chances wwe helped him get off easier?

  14. Ah, yes. Now the show will be worth it.
  15. With the Raw reunion being this upcoming Monday, it's got me wondering if Lesnar will be there to finish what he started a week prior to SummerSlam when he crashed Hogan's B-day party...

    But anyways, I'm hyped for next week's episode! Should be a good one.
  16. So happy the charges were dropped. I'm pumped to see Big Sexy and Medium Sexy reunite on Raw. #KLIQ
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  17. I hope he does a bronco buster!

    (or whatever the fuck he called it)
  18. The Anus Annihilator?

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