News Charges Against Heath Slater Dropped

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Slater is a great talent
  2. More Big Clem Leyfield?
  3. I haven't read about the case in awhile but from what I had heard they just simply couldn't put together a big enough case against Slater to keep the charges on him.
  4. Slaters gonna slate, mate.

    I always knew they wouldn't get anywhere with those charges against him.
  5. Yes, and hopefully he won't go back to being a regular jobber.

    I was so happy when they had him defeat Rollins and the gave him a few more victories, (can't remember against who, though) and then they just fed him to Rusev.
  6. The Rollins one was so out of the blue I wish more stuff like that would happen.
  7. One can hope, man.

    But, my guess is that we're going to get more of the same old.
  8. No doubt, he's gonna be jobbing out all day.
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  9. Agreed.

    Let's just hope Sandow doesn't get that treatment once he goes over Miz at Mania.
  10. I've always had that hope, who knows though, this guy is getting so over by barely even competing imagine if they let him work in full and actually compete.. he would be pretty over.. I'd like to see a feud between him and Bo Dallas and then maybe like Big Show and then BNB for the IC locking up his first solo title.. if they book it right and similar to this I would be soo happy.
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  11. From your mouth to God's ears, mate.
  12. :sandow:

    How much do you think it would cost to buy off the creative operations of the WWE to put something like that together?
  13. Not a lot.

    Just the use of brains, I guess.

    You have a guy that's over as fuck. After he goes over The Miz at Mania, and if you get him back to jobbing, then you are freakin' stupid.
  14. Wondered where slater was, Glad he;s back for the JBL show. Just hoping the Slater & Gator (Is that right, I dunno) BS is over.
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