Charles Robinson, best ref ever?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Jul 26, 2014.

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  1. Yes!!!!

  2. FUCK YES!!!!!

  1. Little Naitch >>>>>>>
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    Post your favourite moments here.
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  2. The day Randy Orton stopped being relevant and Little Naitch showed us why
  3. My goat ref would actually be Earl Hebner for all the reasons you're thinking.
  4. Does hebner have cat like reflexes like this?

  5. No, but he does call for the tap in a WWE Championship match when there is, in fact, no tap.
    Nobody in Canada would know anything about that though.
  6. He's in my top 3 refs.
    Hebner, Korderas and him.
  7. Hebner = Old, wrinkly and annoying.
    Lil' Naitch = Young, jumpy and entertaining.
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  8. I have no idea what you're talking aboot :idk:
  9. Canadians don't have tap water? Robinson does? :damnn:
  10. I'd tap little Naitch :ksi:
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  11. :park:
  12. Yes. Yes he is.
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  13. Looks like David Flair.
  14. @Butters! What's this Canadian lingo aboot?
  15. He's the best, top 3 are Charles Robinson, Mike Chioda, and Earl Hebner.
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  16. Lil Naitch is the superior referee.

    Hebner is tripe.
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  17. We all know the GOAT is Justin King

    WWE just couldn't handle him outshining wrestlers all the time
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  18. Senior Perfect has time to deny the messiah Justin King but no time to post and confirm he is playing fantasy football when I tag him?

    for shame
  19. Depending on how his career goes. Drake Wuertz can be the next "big" ref.

    he trended on twitter from just showing up on Smackdown without being mentioned.
  20. I thought that since I was on the list that I was confirmed compadre.
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