Charles Woodson Has Come Back...HOME!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by TheInevitable24, May 22, 2013.

  1. Draft Day

    The one and only Michigan Wolverine that I love to death.:yes:
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  2. I'm really happy for him. As a Packers fan, I was sad to see him go and I'm glad he signed with another team. He's not what he used to be but he has enough left in him to contribute to a defense, perhaps at the safety position.
  3. Glad to have him back. I don't expect we will compete for the playoffs next season, but hopefully he comes in and shows some of our young guys how to be a professional. He will start at FS and instantly become the leader of our locker room.
  4. Maybe he can be a mentor for young Hayden.
  5. I love woodson but i've seen him torched a few times. He might be better fit at playing safety now in his career. Still love that signing.
  6. Nobody's saying he is what he used to be, but he is still only a couple of seasons removed from being the DPOTY. He has been used as a hybrid safety/LB/nickel CB the last 2 season in GB. I hope we utilize him in that role as well, with him mainly seeing time at FS.

    I've got to say, Reggie McKenzie has impressed me this season with his limited resources. He did well in the draft despite not having a full allotment of picks and he's done well in free agency despite not having a lot of cap room.
  7. I was just saying in general not to anyone specifically. I wouldn't count on him to be great, and I didn't think you were. Just threw in my two cents on him> it's going to work out great there for him. They need that type of leadership.

    Best thing they've done since letting nnamdi's poor ass walk.
  8. Nnamdi is far from poor lol. I hope he turns things around in SF, and believe he will.

    As for C-Wood, yea, the locker room leadership is the best part of the signing. Let the young guys, particularly Hayden (as Rain said) learn from an all time great. It is also nice that he will be able to finish his career here, because he was adored by we fans during his stint as a Raider.

    if he can play 600 snaps for us that's all we need. teach some of these young kids what it means to be a pro, because Woodson is one of the most professional players I've ever seen in the league.
  9. Nostalgia time

    He is one of my 2-3 favorite Raiders of all time. Had his jersey, 10 posters on my wall, ect. So glad to have him back
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  11. He for sure wasn't worth that contract. He was constantly beat by every team in the NFC east.
  12. He played poorly but Philly was retarded in how they used him. Take the shackles off, let him line up and play bump and run and watch him flourish again like he did in Oakland.
  13. Never really got to see him in Oakland I guess. They never threw his way lol. He's okay but TheInevitable24 and I just like to shit on him because of what cruz did to him on the reg.
  14. With all the Green Bay late and SNF games, seems like they show more footage of Charles Woodson than any other corner (besides Revis) because he was always locking people down. As much as he's hated down here there's no way you can watch this dude play and not be a fan.
  15. I love Woodson but he did steal Manning's Heisman.
  16. :lol1: Even you know about that. People still cry 16 years later lmao

    Blame ESPN. They needed a contender to drum up interest in the Heisman, Woodson just produced the highlights.
  17. I blame the voters for putting too much stock into team success for an individual award. If Woodson's team wasn't undefeated he never even makes it competitive w/ Manning in that voting race.
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  18. Yeah right, Woodson is the only defensive winner of the Heisman for a reason. And IM A DIE HARD BUCKEYE FAN.
  19. He wasn't better than Manning in 1997. Manning had 36 TDs and 4,000 yards passing in the SEC. In a pro offense, not some gimmick shit that renders stats useless.
  20. Ohh ya, lets give the Heisman to another quarterback with typical Heisman quarterback numbers...psh please.
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