Charlie Sheen quitting Twitter

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    Lmao oh dear.

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  2. Vince is gonna be pissed off at this news
  3. :lol1::lol1::lol1:

    Epic Fail. :jeritroll:
  5. Vince got trolled.
  6. Sheen = GOD.
  7. :charlie: "Hehe Everything is ready for 1000th Raw Vince."
    :kiss: "God job Charlie! Now let me just check your twitt--where is it?"
    :charlie: "Up your ass! Mwhahahahahaha!! *jumps off a bridge*"
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  8. Waiting to steal his name.
  9. Haha that's lost for Vince!
  10. lol Charlie Sheen. so much for that advertisement about him being social media ambassador.
  11. Too Bad Vince, :charlie: > :kiss:
  12. Hoss I've been looking for you! Do you like my sig? :otunga:
  13. I usually disable sig so I went to your profile and saw it.

    I was gonna add that one but figured it was too long. and of course I :fap:
  14. Aww thought I'd managed to find something you hadn't, but of course not :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Still, my only fellow AJ mark :fap:
  15. I've seen it all. :otunga:

    same goes to you. everyone else can :finger:
  16. Hell yeah #AJf?a?n?Club #AJFapClub
  17. I like AJ as a wrestler but not in an attractive sense.
  18. LOL haha I love when things get screwed up for WWE :lol1:
  19. [yt][/yt]

    I guess this belongs here by default.
  20. I remember first hearing that and marking incredibly hard.
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