Charlie Sheen update

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Aug 17, 2012.

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  2. Charlie Sheen :Boss1:
  3. Charlie Sheen has already performed at SummerSlam in an intergalactic dimension, our realm just hasn't caught up yet.
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  4. I think he will appear right at the end for Kane/Bryan, from the crowd distracting Bryan.
  5. Needs to be there if it's going to help Bryan. If Bryan jobs with Sheen being on fucking skype or something that sucks.
  6. It would be fucking hilarious if Charlie Sheen suddenly came on Skype or whatever and distracted Bryan for him to lose.
  7. will be epic if he's on the show :emoji_grin:
  8. Really surprised if he shows up unadvertised. Well, I wanted to see DB winning but I see that's not the case, I guess some extra media attention is good for Bryan.
  9. I can't see Daniel Bryan winning if Sheen is there to be honest.
  10. Neither can I, but it's irrelevant. Bryan will get a massive rub anyway.
  11. Yes, Sir You're correct.
  12. No need to capitalise "Sir" and "You're". :pipebomb:
  13. I'm honestly struggling to care about this, you can rant about how good it is for Bry all you want but IMO he's not the guy for this kind of interaction.
  14. We see differently there. But they've booked his character as still a title hunter and we all know if you break into the celeb mould then you'll hold a title. This is great for Bryan.
  15. It was like 2am, I hope you're not been a grammar nazi when someone's brain is half asleep?
  16. Sheen will help kane win!
  17. I agree, it just seem's so predictable. That's if he's there though.
  18. Sheen will help bryan win!
  19. Via Skype? :obama:
  20. speaking of Skype. you going to use it? add me mincemcvan
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