Charlotte Lands A Movie Role

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Grievous II, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. Well this is the first time that the director Steve Franks has directed anything over than episodes of the Psych tv show according to imdb....So I don't have many expectations for this. Plus this means Charlotte might have to take a couple of weeks off Smackdown.

    But on the plus side, Zachary Levi can save anything he's in. Just ask Tangled. So it could go either way.
  2. Whatever happened to the good ole days, when female wrestlers were overweight lesbians that no one would cast in a movie... I long for those days....
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  3. I mean Chyna was cast in a-lot of movies and tv shows for example:

  4. And its not like the writers have done much with her since she arrived...
    I mean she didn't even appear on TV this week...but she did have a dark
    match against Natalya before SmackDown actually went on the air.

    They seem more focused on finally elevating/pushing Carmella and actually
    having Naomi booked as a credible champion.

    While I would have Charlotte as a Heel Champion forever...she did have an
    amazing 2017 was always going to seem "quiet" by comparison.

    Now they are just incredibly attractive
  5. Touche
  6. I was totally joking...

    The stereotype of all female wrestlers being lesbians is actually very offensive.

    In fact...who cares who sleeps with who? As long as its legal I say let everyone
    have their own kind of fun.
  7. Actually in the old days, many of them were. That's why I was referencing them as the days that have passed... but when you go back and look at a lot of women wrestlers pre 1990s, you'll actually find a lot of them that were lesbians. And relatively open about it.

    And I couldn't care less who sleeps with who, you should know that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  8. I hope it's as good as The Chaperone or Knucklehead
  9. The Chaperone WAZ A Good Movie.
  10. AJA KONG FOR-EFFING-EVER!!!!! omg this.
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