Extreme Rules Charlotte vs. Natalya.. again?

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  1. Charlotte will have to defend her WWE Women’s Championship against Natalya in a Submission Match. The two have faced each other recently and this time, Ric Flair will not be allowed to watch from ringside.

    Okay, now hear me out here... I don't mind them going at it again and doing a submission match but for the love of GOD, just let Nat win the title!!! I would love to see her hold it till Summer Slam and has Sasha win it off her. Natalya deserves one last title run (specially as a WOMENS CHAMPION and not a Diva bs champ) before she retires. I am guessing it will be later this year or early next year, specially since I am guessing Kidd is done in the ring. Like a Edge and Beth thing.. She will want to be there for him.

    Anyways, what are your thoughts on this match and which way do you think it should go?
  2. Much prefer Charlotte hold on to it until Becky Lynch or someone takes it off her at SummerSlam.. It will make the title win that much better.. There's literally no reason to put the title on Natalya if they're going to take it off her in a few months.. If Nattie wins it she should hold onto it until Survivor Series at least.
  3. Maybe they're going to finally bury Nattie.
  4. Meh, don't care about this feud.

    Charlotte wins again. lol
  5. I would love to see Natty win the title, but chances are that won't happen. Charlotte will keep the title until Summerslam and lose it to either Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks.
  6. Honestly I would prefer the belt remain on Charlotte for a while longer. Mostly I agree with the above comments that say it should go to Sasha at Summerslam. They are looking at this as a completely new title reign for a completely new title created at Wrestlemania, might be better to give the first holder of that championship a reign of more than a month and a half to show they are taking it more seriously than the Diva title.
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  7. The longer this belt stays off Becky the longer I do not care
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  8. Charlotte should hold the title until Summer Slam and lose it to Sasha Banks. As for Natalya's "one last run" argument; you're jumping to conclusions.
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  9. Isn't the only reason this feud is going on is because Charlotte's still green so they threw Nattie in.
  10. Where did you hear this?
  11. No where. They just threw a veteran to help her out I assumed.
  12. I kind of hope that Nattie doesn't win the title. Charlotte/Banks for the title at SummerSlam is probably the most logical way to go. Flair kept Sasha from breaking up the Figure Eight at Mania. I'll also be fine with Becky beating Charlotte at SummerSlam, as well.
  13. No, man. It's just a filler feud until Charlotte feuds with Sasha in the coming months.
  14. Nah, Nattie's just a filler opponent for Charlotte (in the same way Brie was at Fastlane) until she starts feuding with either Becky or Sasha.
  15. Honestly I think the feud with Natalya only happened as an excuse to get Bret Hart involved with Ric Flair in some way.
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  16. And, of course, to once again revisit the Montreal Screwjob!:vince3:
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  17. Because lord knows THAT will never get old :george:
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  18. Correct.

    Because this has always been the truth: BRET SCREWED BRET. :vince3:
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  19. Basically the same thing I said. She's helping her with her work. Doesn't mean she's gonna take the title off her.
  20. No one's going to watch this.
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