Chat box?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jose Tortilla, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Maybe it's a cool idea to make a chat box.

    So you don't have to make a PM to talk one on one.
  2. Been suggested a few times, security risk and takes content away from forum.

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  3. Oh okay. What do you mean with security risk?
  4. Re: RE: Chat box?

    I'm going off what Crayo said but they're easily exploitable.

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  5. Ah I see, too bad.

    Thanks anyway. :mj:
  6. Seabs owning the replies.

    Everything he said + they're ugly + not everyone wants PM's public.

    + :mj:
  7. Na na na, I didn't mean public, just a box where you can pic an online user to talk one on one like MSN..
  8. That'd kill our server and removes the point of PM's.

    You could just add that user on Skype/MSN bro.
  9. Ok clear.
  10. That was a hint but you clearly don't want to add me :alone:
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