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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Solidus, Mar 1, 2015.

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  1. Last year, live discussions got greatly improved with "compact live". This year, we're going one step further, the chat can now be used to take part in live discussions.

    By posting in the chat, you are also submitting posts in the live discussion thread. This means a much smoother chat experience for you, absolutely no input delay or waiting time, whilst still getting increased post count.

    To make sure the chat and live thread are connected, just check the MOTD on the chat page:


    ^ you can see it's connected to the ROH Live Discussion.
    Do not use the chat for anything other than live discussions when it's in this mode.
    When there are no live discussions, chat will not connect to any thread (though I might change that)

    Enjoy! :bischoff:
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  2. Btw, I recommend popup view to chat and watch streams easier.
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  3. This is a great addition! Thanks for all your hard work Soli!
  4. Pretty cool, addition. Glad that it's been added.
  5. Pointless IMO but whatever
  6. Everything is to you. Advantages were clearly outlined.
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  7. Yes pop-up chat worked flawlessly while streaming!

    When it was in full view it worked pretty good too but the speed was slightly better in a window, awesome addition!

    For some reason the Chat worked a lot smoother for me rather than the compact discussion, sometimes for those I have to refresh the page if I'm idle for too long.
  8. Two places to LD. One is an open chat room, another is a thread. Seems pretty useful, imo.
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  9. The chat room when linked to the thread makes posts still count, it's just too different ways to see it because sometimes the chat room lags for some people and sometimes the compact lags for others.
  10. Am I not allowed an opinion?
  11. Tell me how it's pointless or don't post. Or will you now correct yourself and say it's just something you won't get any use from?
  12. It's pointless because you could just post in the thread with the live addon or compact and that was essentially a "chatbox".

    I don't really think you should tell people not to post considering how low activity is..
  13. Wow you're dumb. Read the thread again.
  14. I can say this alone is really useful, Jono.
  15. 790 posts in this weeks LD, 214 last week. Success. :bischoff:
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  16. Live Threads/Compact Discussion lag for me personally, as well as I have to refresh that page every 10 minutes otherwise it stops loading new messages.. with the chat I've never had to do that and with the pop-up chat it makes everything else I'm running on my computer SOO much better.
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  17. Same for me with the lagging.. most PPVs I don't even stay in the LD because I can't watch the stream and run the LD. With this chat option that is solved and I can now take part in the PPV LDs along with RAW every Monday night. Nearly 4 times the posts this week from last proves that this works!
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