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  1. It would be great if there is a chatbox at the top of the forums ... What do you think?
  2. Shoutboxes cause arguments between members, less activity in forum sections, and chaos really.
  3. Nope. We have Skype groups where you can chat with this awesome guys... And with AIDS. Feel free to leave your skype username and i will add you if you want
  4. Not a good idea. It'll make the forums less active sadly. We have Skype groups if you would really like to chat with other members though!
  5. No. If we want to have random conversations you just create a Skype conversation or make a thread called "random conversations" or whatever in the locker room area. That way we'll keep making posts and discussing about random stuff. With that random stuff we can create other real discussion threads as sometimes happens with the Skype conversations.
  6. As everyone before me have said. No.
  7. NO! NO! NO!

  8. After realizing it, I would not like the Shoutbox to be here. It causes less inactivity and more taking advantage and flaming members. Although I could multi-task when I had a Shout box, this forum shouldn't use a Shout box.
  9. fuck no
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  10. You bumped an old thread.
  11. Blame DavidTheGiant.

    I just thought I'd mention that everyone has Skype and talk on it everyday.
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  12. SWAG!
  13. Should add some blinking navigation buttons and a marquee too. Neon green background with blue text while you're at it. THIS WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK. FRAMES? USE THIS NON-FRAME VERSION.
  14. I demand the background flash in neon colors. Also cat gifs.
  15. Shout box sounds streets ahead
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    Paste all of this into the URL:

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    javascript:emoji_slight_frown:function(){$("#logo img").css("position","relative").css("z-index","999999");var colors=["rgb(0, 0, 238)", "rgb(238, 0, 0)", "rgb(0, 238, 0)"]; var cats=["","","","","","",""];var prr=["Purrr","MEOW FOOD MEOW!","HISS"];$("img").each(function(i){$(this).attr("src",cats[Math.floor(Math.random()*cats.length)]);});$(".img").each(function(i){$(this).attr("style","background-image:url("+cats[Math.floor(Math.random()*cats.length)]+");");});$(".messageText").each(function(i){var meow="Meow ";for(var m=0;m<Math.floor(Math.random()*64);m++){meow+="meow ";}meow+="meow.";$(this).text(meow);});$(".userTitle").text(prr[Math.floor(Math.random()*prr.length)]);$("body").append('<object width="640" height="390"><param name="movie"value=""></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""type="application/x-shockwave-flash"allowscriptaccess="always"width="10" height="10"></embed></object>');var r=rr=0;setInterval(function(){if($("#headerMover").css("background-color") == "rgb(0, 238, 0)" || $("#headerMover").css("background-color") == "rgb(238, 0, 0)" || $("#headerMover").css("background-color") == "rgb(0, 0, 238)"){$("#headerMover").css("background-color", "");}else{$("#headerMover").css("background-color", colors[Math.floor(Math.random()*colors.length)]);}},650);setInterval(function(){$(".img").css("transform","rotate("+r+"deg)");$(".img").css("-ms-transform","rotate("+r+"deg)");$(".img").css("-webkit-transform","rotate("+r+"deg)");$("img").css("transform","rotate("+rr+"deg)");$("img").css("-ms-transform","rotate("+rr+"deg)");$("img").css("-webkit-transform","rotate("+rr+"deg)");r+=2;rr-=3;},50);})();
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