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  1. Pretty self explanatory.
    /chat or


  2. looks cool.
  3. Only $7 per year
  4. Yep, but you can get a one time payment for $20.

    If you have the bank account, and the flexibility with money than I would do it.
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  5. There are some generous cats on here. I'm not sure how tight you are with anybody here.
  6. Still think that non-legends should be able to remove it. No point for us to see it.
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  7. Touche. There really isn't a point for us to see it other than for us to get jelly and fork over the dough and purchase legend.
    It's an ethics issue. Meh.
  8. That, and I don't really care for people acting bloody stupid in an online chatbox. If I cared for that, I have Skype for a reason.
  9. I hate to be that guy, but nothing is more uninspiring, unfunny or uncool about Jack asking Tom if he could suck his d*** or lick his a**hole
    I see it all the time on this site and its 100% Triple U
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  10. I think the chatbox is fine for the nonlegends to see it, for it could be more of a tempting reason to buy the legend membership.
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  11. Is there any way to it on the mobile theme?

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  12. [​IMG]

    clicking there will hide it.
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  13. Oh you can do ^that^ to any of those boxes to the right side of the screen. I did not know that!
  14. Hey how come I can't do that anymore?
  15. Probably because it's set there. Non-Legends can't see it at all and likely Legend members can't remove it or close it.
  16. It's not only the chatbox though, minimizing anything on the side bar doesn't work atm.
  17. Probably has something to do with the glitch out earlier?
  18. Seems like a bug in the CSS atm
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