Chavo Guerrero Is One Big Piece Of Crap

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Testify, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Why?

    This is my tweet to him:


    And this is his DIRECT MESSAGE (that shows character):


    Mexican primadona. Fucking sack of nothing.

    Now I'm gonna report him for insulting me. Anyone know how to do it?
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  2. lol if true, which I'll assume it is because it's Testify

    anyone else and I would think this was made on one of those tweet generator sites
  3. Seriously though, weak job by him. And report him? You need a witty response. See if you can get into a flame war with Chavo lmao
  4. Re: RE: Chavo Guerrero Is One Big Piece Of Crap

    A witty response isn't that your expertise?
  5. As soon as I posted that I knew this would be the response. Nothing came to me right away; I'll ponder and see what I can come up with.
  6. Nope, this is, unfortunately, true.

    Chavo is dog shite and a worthless sack of nothing.
  7. Fun fact: both Taz & Borash blocked me after I said they suck and they're boring.

    Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
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  8. Tenay just took it in stride, I'm assuming?
  9. What a generic and unorginal retort. He needs to step up his diss game. If i were you, i'd actually feel sorry for him. That's all he's got? Mom jokes? :pity1:
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  10. Just don't tweet them lol, saying they simply play for cheap pops or that they suck will provoke this kind of response.
  11. Yep. He probably doesn't even know how to block ppl, lol. Old hamster...

    Ah what can you do. I do feel sorry for him, but I'm gonna go to court vs. him if necessary. Coward.
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  12. So you claim that he uses his dead nephew for cheap pops, and instead of denying this claim he retorts with a Mum joke? Cock.
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  13. Like I would tweet to that SOB and waste my beauty of arms and keyboard, I just logged in on twitter and saw his "i'm going to live event yay" crap tweet, so I wrote him that.
  14. Re: RE: Chavo Guerrero Is One Big Piece Of Crap

    You must have known it was possible to get some response though lol, he's immature for the response admittedly but you get what I'm saying, right?
  15. Yeah, I've already proved through my entire crappy life that I have the ability to push people's buttons to unimaginable level, and this is yet another proof of that.

    Did I expect a response? Yes, but in a tweet, and decent one.
    Did I expect this cheap, stupid, hillbilly response? No thanks.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Go to court? What?

    Tbh you deserved that for being so stupid as to write a pointless and flame provoking tweet.
  18. Flaming Chavo Guerrero is never pointless.
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  19. You should say your mother died of some really bad disease when you were little just to make the prick feel bad.
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  20. Tell him I'lll call my cousin and have him sent back to Mexico is you don't get a formal apology, then after you get it go tell him to go fuck himself and block him before he blocks you.
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