Chavo Guerrero on the Current State in TNA Wrestling

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  1. Chavo Guerrero spoke with the Miami Herald about the current state of TNA. Below are the highlights:

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  2. Good to know where Chavito's head is at. He's a pro who deserves the respect of any fan.

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  3. I don't like him as a wrestler, but he seems ok as a person and a company guy I guess.
  4. He's very underrated in the ring because he's such a good seller that people think he's not very tough. But he's made that work for him. He's a tag team guy and he's always been "Ricky Morton" in the tag team he's part of. Worked well for him while he worked with Eddie and with Hernandez, among others.

    You could make the case that makes him the ultimate company guy, though, since he always puts the good of his partner ahead of his own when it comes to appearance.

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  5. And to be fair, he hasn't been on TV at all that much since Slammiversary. He worked maybe 3 shows overall, but has been helping backstage with the X Division wrestlers and similar.
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  6. Yeah Fuck Chavo and any TV time he could get in the future. Glad we can all agree.
  7. As long as Chavo doesn't take the TNA championship, I'm fine. I wouldn't really mind him in the X Division if he puts the young talent over. I kinda respect the guy, he may work off of his uncle's name to get over with the fans, but he is still a good worker.
  8. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh Chavo!

    That's my contribution to this thread :happy:
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  9. Chavito (name he was working under when I first saw him, so it stuck) probably realizes that, at this point in his career, a main event run is only going to happen if they decide to grant him one as a send-off, just like the only way Goldust or William Regal will ever carry the WWE World Heavyweight title (the WWE Championship is way out of reach for those two at this point).

    An X-Division run, even an X-Division title run, however, could be used if they wanted to paint him as the savvy veteran who outsmarts the competition and plays on their youth and naivete. The only one who could take it from him would be someone like Samoa Joe or Austin Aries, someone with some kind of veteran pedigree, where they could work a terrific back-and-forth three-month program and really boost the title's prestige into the stratosphere.

    I see Chavito staying in the picture as a road agent or trainer type (like what he's doing with the X-Division guys right now) full-time after his in-ring career is over. That's good. He's solid, not spectacular.

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  10. To be honest, I never understood why people didn't like Chavo. I am honestly a fan of Chavo and I think Chavo had huge potential as he's underrated as fuck in my opinion, but WWE doesn't know how to use anyone right which kind of sucks because he doesn't really have much time left any more. As for what Chavo said I think it's quite true talk, I like what he said but in the releases I disagree with a ton of them, TNA just isn't right for releasing Joey Ryan, but like Chavo stated, it's a business. As for Chavo, I think he's good for business :pity2: although like Wacokid27 said, if he was in the main event and he did get the TNA title, it would kind of be a going away present, because he really doesn't have much left/to do. He's "run his course" in my opinion.
  11. Chavo also talked about TNA having fewer pay-per-view events.

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  12. Chavo shouldnt of gone to TNA. WWE should never of released him
  13. He's in TNA because he knows where the true wrestling and $$$ is.
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    Impact Wrestling
  15. Come again? :cornette:
  16. I said Impact Wrestling, why?
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