Chavski agree deal for Oscar....

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Not sure if we have any fans of these delightful people, but still they seem to be making big moves this summer, especially if they bring in Hulk as well.

    Source, possibly horseshit so take it as you wish
  2. Chavski agree deal with Oscar....

    Hulk deal has flopped but Oscar is damn talented. As I said before, Chelsea are going to be a huge force to be reckoned with if Torres is on form. They've bought awesome midfielders/wingers but no strikers.
  3. Chavski agree deal with Oscar....

    I hate Chelsea with a passion. He's a good player though.
  4. Has it? Cba following this summer too closely, I thought it was a pretty close to a done deal though lol. I knew you'd know a bit about him lol.


    We'll probably be friends, you support a team bud?
  5. Yeah they wanted more IIRC. It's just died down completely. Oscar is very talented and seriously Chelsea's midfield is looking scary. Lampard, Mata, Oscar, Hazard (AM) etc.

    Chelsea = revamping their team and going through transitional, ouch. Let's hope Di Matteo fucksucks going forward.
  6. Yes, my family is Lancashire based, I was born in Yorkshire, I support Man City therefore I'm deemed a glory hunter. Despite being a City fan since 2004. I remember when we bought Darius Vassell for 2 million. I was so excited that day! haha.. How times have changed.. Who do you support?
  7. RDM seems to be really smart tactical IMO, he managed to restrict Barca. Which I've seen rarely happen with that team, admittedly they had a fair bit of luck but still a master stroke. I'm wondering how they'll fit them all in tbh, plus they'd need a bit more steel in the middle if Meriales does go. Still makes the league all the more fun.


    I support Wednesday lol, so I know what you mean about the low key signings lol. Pretty awesome to have some one who's been there when times were hard also, it always makes the good times better doesn't it?
  8. It does, I remember the bad times with Stuart Pearce, seeing him on the touchline like he was going to rip someones head off! Football is changing and everyone is getting taken over my billionaires. I think Nottingham got taken over my Billionaires and sacked their current manager didn't they? I like Wednesday they didn't let me down in my sweepstakes last year! :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Yeah, Forest got taken over and for some reason appointed Hoddle. Quite why anyway would employ Glenn Hoddle to manage anything but a tea tray I'll never know but hey ho.
  10. Ha! Well I wouldn't expect them to do anything, Regardless how much money they throw at Hoddle!
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