Cheapest place to get Xbox wireless adapter?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. As I said in a status yesterday, my Mum cut the phone line wire upstairs where everything was (router, computer, xbox), so we had no internet. But I got a wireless adapter for PC and everything is all and dandy. I forgot that the Xbox wouldn't be able to connect to Xbox live -.-, it's the Elite but not the new version of it with built in wireless. Which sucks.

    Where's the cheapest place to get an adapter? Amazon?
  2. I guess so, or ebay.
  3. I have 2 at home too...

  4. £35+ is what I'm looking at. Not too chuffed.
  5. get a ps3, problem solved :true:
  6. How? The new Xbox has built in wireless as it is. Xbox > PS3
  7. Get the new Xbox. It costs the same as the previous Xbox price. You get a good bundle with the $200. For another $100, you can get one with bigger hard drive.
  8. pssh sike
  9. 35 is cheap, do it up if you trust the site. Otherwise, wireless hub's arent bad price but will hurt the net connection. Get l4d2 when youre out, and we kill zombies???

    I have both systems, xbox > ps3. ps3 is for people who care about graphics, xbox is for people who actually game.
  10. IMO the graphics are identical, depends on the game. PS3 is nice that online is free, that's the draw for me.

    I can't get L4D2 yet if I get this unfortunately. I'll try in a week or two though :emoji_slight_smile:

    Still reluctant to spend that much on a fucking adapter, when in a month when I move rooms I'll probably go back to wired.
  11. you ever think about using a powerline adapter? I have one and it's the tits
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