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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by ChaosWrestling, Mar 2, 2014.

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  2. Nice!

    I'm a universe guy myself! Only I don't really play it the way you do it. But seeing the way you play it adds more depth into it. I'm defiantly going to start playing my matches and see what I can lead it to! Keep posting, This was great to watch.
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  3. Thanks for the feedback and ive always felt i wrestled a different type of match
  4. I only rented the game for a few days to check it out, I don't want to be playing my old consoles too much lol since I'm sitting on a PS4 which barely gets touched.

    But I love the Universe mode, it's something I hope that returns in WWE 2k15, granted I haven't played any wrestling game since Warzone 64 so I don't know if it's appeared in prior games but regardless it's something that should return.
  5. *General Question*
    How Often should I upload these episodes?

  6. Check Out Episode 2
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