Kayfabe Checkmate!

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  1. The audience in attendance is chatting among themselves as the show returns from a commercial break, and are blessed with the presence of the Iron Man Champion, Andersen Vega, who appears on the titantron without any warning, lying on a sofa in his lockerroom with a smile on his face. Sending the audience into a frenzy of boos and "You sold out" chants.

    Vega: In the immortal words of Sargent Doux off of the T.V show, Dexter... SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS! Haha! Yes it's me. It's me. It's that Iron Man Champine. Andersen Vega! And I am the greatest thing, to hit the pro wrestling scene, since the 6-sided ring! WOOOOOOOO!

    The audience boo, because they hate the fact that Andersen Vega is so damn talented. And they continue their "You sold out" chant.

    Vega: Yes, if you all saw Fully Loaded... Not only did you see me retain my WWEF Iron Man Championship, as I said I would do! But you also saw something that nobody ever thought would be possible... As bad of a person as I am. You never thought in a million years that it would happen. Andersen Vega. The man that has been sticking it to "The man" since he was born! The man who was suspended from TWF twice because the higher ups couldn't control me! The man who dumped a bucket of shit on former TWF GM Ian Jaxs! Who poured cement in his car and trashed his office! The personification of anti-establishment... Has. Sold. Out.

    Audience: "You sold out! You sold out!"

    Vega: And the funny thing is, I sold out long before fully Loaded. I sold out even before I returned. I sold out when I got a phone call from Reginald, saying that Buster Gates wanted to sign me to Precision and that he had only one condition, to take out Alice Xander. Yeah, you think that if I returned on my own accord that I'd make a statement by taking out a concussed nobody that'd only been wrestling for a cup of coffee? Nah, I took him out because that was my way back in. I had a job to do. Taking out that wannabe was purely business. And don't think that I did that and got nothing but a contract, no... As a reward for a job well done. I got this!

    Vega taps the Iron Man title, which gets a negative reaction to say the least.

    Vega: I ain't nobodies bitch. I don't answer to anyone. If I do something for Buster or Ryan, I get a favour in return. And I've already cashed in my favour for beating the shit out of that midget Mermaid Man wannabe bitch The Blade, because this week, I go one on one with Jack Rogue.

    The mentioning of his name sends a shockwave of applause from the WWEF Universe.

    Vega: Oh you thought it was fate, Jack? Nah, I asked for this match. And you may be thinking, "Why? Why would he ask for a rematch with Jack Rogue? Andy has nothing to prove. He's already beaten the shit out of Jack, numerous times in the last month. Why isn't he bored of it?" Well, that's a good question people. You see, I hate you people. I've made that crystal clear since my return. And Jack surviving Fully Loaded makes you happy. I don't like it when you're happy. So, the reason I asked for this is so that I can punish you further. Beating up Jack Rogue is fun and all but y'all know that he's gonna get back up so you ain't worried and so I needed a way to bring Jack to my feet, a way to subdue him and to punish you. And the genius that I am, I've figured out how. So, this week. Andersen Vega vs Jack Rogue 2 in a 15 Minute Iron Man match for the WWEF Iron Man Championship, has an added stipulation. If Jack wins, he gets what he's always dreamed of. He gets championship glory. But WHEN I win. Jack Rogue. Your hero, your idol becomes what he was destined to be. And that is the bitch, sat at my feet! Because WHEN Jack loses, he no longer works for WWEF! He's no longer signed to Precision! WHEN he loses! He. Works. For. Me... And that, ladies and gentlemen! Is checkmate!

    The camera cuts and the titantron turns to black. The audience are figuratively, and some, probably literally shitting themselves.


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