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  1. This thread will probably be appreciated by myself, Seabs, Coleminer and any other championship supporting fans,

    Basically I came across 'Crystal Palace's cheerleaders today and I for one can't wait to visit Palace this season now. Some are top notch but then some a fugly, like most groups, but basically they have done a video to the song call me maybe which is an aid to try sell season tickets. And before anyone asks, yes they are legal :haha:

    Here is a video promoting season tickets

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    and here is my favorite cheerleader :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Show Spoiler
  2. Would bang the blonde and brunette, not too keen on the black lass.

  3. Ripping of the Miami Dolphins are we? :haha:

    Honestly Dolphins did it better.
  4. Racist!

    Seriously though I'm not really a fan of black lasses in general.
  5. Sometimes I do, she just looks a bit too butch in the face.
  6. Aye that she is. It's like Rihanah and Beyonce, I don't get the appeal at all.
  7. @[ColeMiner] you going to Palace this season mate? :haha:
  8. Yep, i've got my Palace season ticket sorted, Palace till I die! Always have been a Palace fan me.
  9. I'd get a Palace season ticket too if it meant I could see her week in week out :urm:
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