Chelsea vs Barca Part II - Camp Nou

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. Massive second leg tonight in an hour and 30 mins time. It's at Barca's home town, Chelsea are 1-0 up so far. Roberto Di Matteo (Chelsea Manager) said they'll attack and try and get a goal. In my opinion they'll do exactly the same as they done at the bridge.

    Come on Chelsea!!
  2. They'll play the banks of 4 again, it's the only way they can survive well that and a bit of luck imo.
  3. Drogba starts I think. Chelsea's defence on their day is probably the best in the PL.
  4. I hate both teams, but I hate Uefalona more. So, let's go Chelsky!
  5. Why you hate Chelsea? :emoji_slight_frown:
  6. The hell with them, most of "fans" love them because of Abramovich and money anyway. Glory hunters. I love LIVERPOOL.
  7. Oh god, you hate a club because of fans but love LIVERPOOL? Liverpool, the club where fans were supporting Suarez after racially abusing Patrice Evra. The club that made their players wear "Support Suarez" t-shirts?

    I understand the hate for Chelsea for their fans, their fan base has grown significantly since the money, but not all fans are glory hunters. Their fans travelling to Barcelona are supporting a club who definitely won't make the top 4 this season.
  8. I'm a Liverpool fan since I was a kid. Same with RMCF, Juve, PSG and Kaiserslautern. Sure, I don't agree with the fans' actions sometimes, but the Reds' fans are probably the most loyal fans in Europe (w/ Juve). The Evra/Suarez thing was bad, true, but I root for Liverpool not for the fans.

    And the fans are not the only reason I hate Chelsky, I just... Hate them.
  9. To be honest no English fans touch the Turkish/Italian fans. I understand the love for Liverpool's loyalty, they are an intimidating club, just most of the fans are complete morons (the hardcore ones racially abusing Evra on twitter).
  10. Every club has some terrible fans, you can't hold it against the club for some idiots.
  11. Chelski to score another goal thanks to the antics of Bictor Baldes LOL
  12. Reckon it could be a great game depends on how defensive Chelsea play which I imagine they will, still see Barca taking it though!
  13. I guess I'll stream this
  14. Go no Dolph, it'll be one of the games of the season. Any CL semi is awesome.

    Drogba needs to dive again tonight because Barca will be constantly doing it.
  15. I am sure UEFA works will be seen today again. This is the 2nd leg after all.
  16. Take your conspiracies and shove them up your arse, please!

    Sure they've had bias decisions, so have Bayern, so have Man United, so have Real Madrid, every big club normally gets a few. They also get some against them. Barca have more goals disallowed (when they're actually fine) than other clubs, mainly because of their style, the assistant thinks they're offside but they're not.

    United got 2 penalties in consecutive weeks from Ashley Young basically diving, but we had a penalty given against us from probably the most obvious fair tackle ever (Newcastle at home) and a blatant penalty not given in an important game at Wigan, it evens itself out. I'd give you Bayern examples but the Bundesliga bores me due to the poor standard of football.
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  17. Re: RE: Chelsea vs Barca Part II - Camp Nou

    Remind me to like and rep this when I get back on my PC someone.

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  18. What Crayo says is true to much emphasis is put on refs making wrong and right decisions and being biased to the big teams but 90% of the time over the course of a season and a CL campaign u win some and lose some decision wise and until Fifa and Uefa accept certain technologies are needed it's something we have to live with a wild card as such!
  19. Pique got rocked
  20. Definitely. I just hope the ref has a good game tonight, this is a mouth watering tie for football fans.

    I want Chelsea to win but I don't really mind if they don't, the El-Classico final is the biggest match in world football. You'd get around 600+m viewers watching that.
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