Chelsea vs Barcelona thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Anyone watching this for the lulz?
  2. Lol I put my money on a Chelski draw. Ain't gonna watch the match since I know what will happen once Chelsea start to play good.
  3. Barca will destroy them. 3-1 I think.
  4. Chelsea will probably put up a fight but I can't see them winning I'll go 2-1 with Drogba getting Chelsea's.

  5. Hopefully they keep it interesting.

    Who is your team btw Seabs? All I know is that you hate Man U
  6. Sheffield Wednesday, you've probably never heard of them. We're a shit team kicking our heels in league 1 ( third tier) but they're my local team and my family supports them so blame them.
  7. League 1, ouch. I've seen the name, but no, I don't really know shit about them. I know all about being a fan of shit teams though, so I feel your pain. Who do you generally root for in the premiership?
  8. I kinda like Liverpool and Newcastle. Liverpool because my dad was a fan and Newcastle because when we were both in the championship me and a few mates went up there and their fans were great tbh.
  9. Newcastle yes, but LIVERPOOL? Full of the skinhead dirty bastards and racists? #FuckThat

    Not even because I'm bias - that Suarez scenario was horrid. I love Newcastle though.
  10. Newcastle is okay. I tend to root for Arsenal, but only because they have players I love. Thierry Henry was my favorite player back in the day, and I'm a huge RVP mark. Theo Walcott is also a player I enjoy watching.

    Liverpool is meh in my book, but I tried to watch them play more over the past couple of seasons because Suarez is one of my favorites. inb4Suarezhate

    inafterSuarezhate actually. I understand he comes off as a douche, but he is great to watch. The racial incident was a bit off putting, but I think a lot of that had to do with cultural differences. I don't think he is a full on racist really
  11. Like I say my dad was a fan, luckily he isn't from there so it isn't that bad. Plus with all the hillsbourgh disaster the clubs are always intertwined.
  12. Suarez was caught on camera saying (in his language) "I don't want you to touch me because you are black" and "Blackie Blackie Blackie". Hostile game or not - that's disgusting. He's so talented, if he didn't dive, cheat and overall be a fag he'd be one of my favourite players.

    Alan Pardew is an awesome manager. People forget Newcastle were in the championship (tier below EPL) last year, now they're fighting for CL football. That never happens apart from lower leagues double promotions but championship teams never do well enough in the EPL to content for CL places, never. Cisse and Ba (but especially Cisse) are awesome strikers and can see them both getting targeted. Ben Arfa is one of the greatest wingers in the league too, he'll be snapped up I reckon.
  13. I understood it as "Don't talk to me black (negro)" or something like that. Like I said it was disappointing to hear about. I still can't help but love watching the guy play. I love the Uruguayan National team, Forlan makes my nips hard
  14. Suarez is a prick I'll admit that, but as Dolph says he's a wonderful player. It's a similar scenario with Cristiano I always hated the way he went over too easily but during his Man U days he was the best player on the planet from my perspective at least.
  15. Oops we were both wrong, this is a quote from an FA statement of what apparently the conversation was:

    PE = Patrice Evra
    LS = Luis Suarez

    "PE: F------ hell, why did you kick me?

    LS: Because you’re black.
    PE: Say it to me again, I’m going to kick you.
    LS: I don’t speak to blacks.
    PE: OK, now I think I’m going to punch you.
    LS: OK, blackie, blackie, blackie.

    As Suárez is speaking, he pinches Evra’s left forearm. As referee Andre Marriner stops play, Suárez uses the term “negro” to Evra again, prompting an angry reaction from Evra, who tells Marriner he has been racially abused.
    Marriner tries to calm the situation, but as the players walk away, Suárez puts his hand on the back of Evra’s head and the defender knocks his arm away.
    Marriner intervenes again; Evra says he does not want Suárez to touch him, prompting the Uruguayan to say: “Why, black?”
  16. Visca El Barca.
  17. It's on soon!
  18. Hate to burst Crayo's bubble but on bout diving and bear in mind I'm a MAN U follower what's everyone's take on Young even I think and fellow MAN U fans are starting to think he's going down to easily and diving a lot.

    Yeah good for us but poor for the game.

    As for Chelsea/Barca please one winner Barca back to back CL's got money on it.
  19. Young has always been light on contact shall we say, I can't blame him tbh though. He's just playing the modern game.
  20. True just last match he made sure he got the contact then went down!

    Not saying I totally disagree just wish it wasn't so prevalent in the modern game.
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