Chelsea vs Manchester United part 2

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Monday, 12:30 kick off on the worst channel ever (ITV). I'm nervous. Come on United.
  2. Didn't realize that was tomorrow. Half of me wants Chelsea to win the tournament so that Boro can be beaten by the champions in both trophies, but then the other half of me remembers that that half is mentally disabled and wants United to win more than ever. United really need the big names to turn up, hopefully RVP can get onto the scoresheet again and De Gea really needs to perform if they are going to have a chance. Btw what happened to Rooney? Is he injured or just being left out?
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  3. Torres will score :otunga:......Three goals
  4. Hoping Chelsea win reason unknown.
  5. Rooney injured. Fu seabs

    Nani having worst game of his life so far. No joke, every single time he has had it, he's lost it.
  6. Nani just kept the ball... :mog:

    Nvm he literally just gave it away again.
  8. Yeah Nani is now on the revamped shank list.
  9. Shank list :yay: bringing back the Attitude era
  10. id rather utd go through than chelsea there fan are now on top of my ****s list
  11. What a fantastic goal by ba. Marked.
  12. Best save ive seen by cech In the last three years. An absolutely majestic save.
  13. Incredibly disappointed by Sir Alex's substitutions today.

  14. Fifa later?
  15. RVP missing from 7 yards sums up our day.
  16. Who's winning on aggregate?
  17. God dammit I slept right through this. :downer:

    What's the score? Is it over?
  18. 1-0 Chelsea win.

    We needed good attacking possession and a midfielder, so Sir Alex puts on Young & Giggs...

    Young is probably as bad as Titus Bramble right now, and Giggs has played 3 times in 7 weeks. Kagawa is sitting on the bench...

    Really not impressed.
  19. Young can't be as bad as Bramble, Titus scored for you.
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