Music Chester Bennington of Linkin Park dead at 41

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. Chester Bennington, Linkin Park Singer, Is Dead at 41

    I'm in utter disbelief

    My friend texted me the news first and I thought he was joking with me until I checked the web. I was going to go to the Citi Field show next week where they would of played with Blink 182...

    A little info: he hung himself, today was Chris Cornell's birthday and Cornell went out the same way a few months back. Chester was really close to him. Along with this he has had a substance abuse history.

    RIP Chester
  2. Shocking news, depression fucking sucks. I think what makes it all bad is how he ended on such a bad album. I will miss him
  3. The new music may haven't been good to most of us but now if you look at OML it was actually points out what Chester was going through :emoji_slight_frown:
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