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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Roadster, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. I'm not sure if this has been made or not.

    I recently got the flurry of new Chikara shows, and even though I haven't begun watching them yet, but I got to watch King of Trios 2014. It was awesome to see the partial Spirit Squad back in action. Devastation Corporation was on a clear run to the top, imo. It was a great show (collectively) overall. Does anyone else watch and/or enjoy Chikara's brand?
  2. Watched it sporadically until 2011-13 where I watched every show. But then that one year hiatus happened and killed it for me, haven't seen a single show since the comeback.
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  4. Oh well. If you want to combine them or something.

    For Your Eyes Only was a pretty sick show. 7/10 for me.

    The Portal vs. The Wrecking Crew was one of the Wrecking Crew's better matches. 3.0 and The Throwbackers was another match I think was on the better side for the Throwbackers but it was too long and dragged out imo. Jimmy Jacobs and a badass mofo with those masks. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has watched Chikara in the past.
  5. @Stopspot please change this to Season 15 thread.
  6. CHIKARA launched it's own kind of Network, called CHIKARAtopia. A New Start is their first show available for distribution, and it seems like a good one. Chuck Taylor vs. Icarus for the Grand Title and Eddie Kingston vs. Kid Cyclone, along with Hallowicked and Frightmare vs. The Batiri (I think that's a match).

    CHIKARA has also been posting a lot of National Wrestling Day event matches, like Ashley Remington vs. Drew Gulak and The Bloc Party vs. The Osirian Portal.
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  7. Season 15 Schedule as of 2/8/15

    1/25/15 - New Day

    3/7/15 - Out on a Limb

    3/8/15 - Altar Egos

    4/3/15 - For British Eyes Only (Beginning of their UK Tour)

    4/4/15 - Let 'em Eat Cake

    4/5/15 - Pier Pressure

    4/6/15 - Afternoon Delight

    5/2/15 - Spring Breakout

    5/24/15 - CHIKARA's 13th Aniversario

    6/13/15 - Sword of Destiny (Think I might go to this Chicago show)

    6/14/15 - Shock and Aww
  8. I'm currently watching A New Start. The show has been nothing short of amazing, thus far. With some great matches, and moments so far.

    Show Spoiler

    Colony: Xtreme Force is about to split.
  9. Hallowicked as Grand Champion?! da fuq - Worse than Kingston losing it to a groggy, half conscious Icarus.
  10. King of Trios Night 1:
    United Nations vs. Team ATTACK
    Team Fight Club: PRO vs Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes
    The Arcane Horde vs Crown and Court
    The bWo vs The Devastation Corporation
    Dasher's Dugout vs Battleborn
    Bullet Club vs Battle Hive - Fuck yes!
    Snake Pit vs The Nightmare Warriors
    The Gentleman's Club vs Team AAA

    King of Trios Night 2:
    Ashley Remington vs Jaka
    King of Trios Quarter Final
    Rey de Voladores 4-Way Eliminator # 1: Matt Cross vs. ? vs. ? vs. Too Cold Scorpio
    King of Trios Quarter Final
    King of Trios Quarter Final
    Rey de Voladores 4-Way Eliminator # 2: Mascara Purpura vs. ? vs. ? vs. Pinkie Sanchez
    King of Trios Quarter Final

    King of Trios Night 3:
    King of Trios Semi Final
    King of Trios Semi Final
    Tag Team Gauntlet
    Young Lions Cup: Heidi Lovelace vs ?
    Rey de Voladores Tournament Final
    King of Trios Tournament Final
  11. For those interested, there's Chikara 2015 pack on XWT.
  12. King of Trios is gonna be good this year. Sure there's no Spirit Squad, but who the hell cares.
  13. King of Trios Night 1 - is 1 day away.
  14. King of Trios Finals Tonight...I can't wait until this show is released.
  15. Fenix got ejected from Night 2 for using the F-bomb, lel. Steen is proud somewhere.
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  16. Doesn't Kingston use it all the time?
  17. Never in Chikara. Cursing is not allowed at all.
  18. They're so...Full House.
  19. I've only seemed to find Night 2 online. This show is packed, but I still want The Spirit Squad.
  20. X-Pac on commentary was hilarious. I'm not sure if he was pretending that he forgot everything from his time as a very active wrestler or not, but it was hilarious.
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