Child Hurled from Car After Harrowing Crash Narrowly Avoids Getting Run Over by Truck

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. Where did that baby come from? The back window? It only suffered minor lacerations, thank goodness.
  2. RE: Child Hurled from Car

    Fucking Russia, all the crazy accident videos I see are from there.
  3. RE: Child Hurled from Car

    Vodka is one hell of a drink :pity1:
  4. That made me laugh for some reason. :urm:

    Anyway, crazy shit. Glad the kid's alright.
    Why are you always posting crazy/depressing shit? :sad1:
  5. Because the news starts with good morning, then tells you why it's not.
  6. lol wtf
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  7. :sad:
  8. Poor Cray Cray. Don't let the sensationalist media get you down. Plenty of good things are happening in the world. They are just no fun to hear or read about.
  9. The media is always a good source for propaganda as well.
  10. In Soviet never mind I don't feel like telling jokes. No one should be driving idiotic cars like that in that type of environment
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