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Helo, dwi'n Gymry!
As fans are tuning in ready for the start of Precision - Season Two, Week Thirty in Cincinnati, Ohio, they are not greeted by the usual Precision intro video, rather by a screen filled with static and several audio cracks that persists for a good ten seconds before an all black screen is set and the audio cracks stop. The screen gets lighter and filled with image as a gloved hand slowly moves away from the camera lens, revealing the man who made his debut in a dominating but unsuccessful manner against former Precision Champion, Jack Rogue last week, the mysterious Kyle Rayner. From bottom to top he is wearing a pair of black leather boots with black and grey camouflage patterned combat trousers, a pair of black, finger-less gloves, a light grey elbow pad on his left arm, a grey piece of fabric tied over his right bicep and a grey and black sleeveless jacket. He is also sporting grey hair as apposed to the brown hair the week prior. Rayner, who looks to be in a basement setting, is sat on the floor with his back leaning against a pillar with his head looking down at the floor. He begins to speak in a slow and thought out manner with a deep, raspy voice.

Kyle Rayner: Every man, woman and child's lives are dictated by the choices they make. Whether they decide to take the shortest route home or to go the long way or whether they choose to fight back when they're being bullied or to just let themselves be stepped on, any given choice could alter your life forever... Since my debut against Jack Rogue, I've had wrestlers, production staff and fans of Precision snickering and talking as I walked past about how I tapped out in my very first match as if it were the ultimate humiliation when in fact it was nothing more than a calculated choice. In that match, for fourteen of the fifteen minutes that the contest went on for I battered and destroyed Jack Rogue and made it look easy. I took a great champion of this promotion and made him look average and that was all I wanted to gain from that match. To win or lose is irrelevant for me because a win and loss record is not why I'm here. All I wanted to do was to prove my worth and I accomplished that goal against someone who is considered one of the very best in Precision History. I tapped out not because the pain was too excruciating to bare - because it wasn't - I tapped out only to minimise the risk of potential injury in a meaningless battle. I was not physically beaten and I was not defeated. I chose to tap out because it was the smart thing to do and that is why I will be here for a very long time to come.

Rayner's calm and near emotionless facial expression turns to a faint smile as he is caught up in his thoughts.

Kyle Rayner: Last week, Jack Rogue took a severely one sided beating and kept on fighting, scratching and clawing to hit a Superkick at every chance he got for victory and he would not be denied that after losing his last two matches. He was courageous and noble in his effort, but even more so than that, he was stupid. Think of all the beatings that Jack Rogue has taken throughout his career... How many more could his body possibly allow him to take before it finally gives up? And when that time came, would his unbreakable will allow him to see that his body is done and let him walk away? This is the future of Jack Rogue and he will need to deal with those choices and suffer the consequences of those choices, but these are choices that I don't ever plan on having to make. I am not here to win or to achieve championship success because championship glory will get you nothing when the sun sets on your career. I am here as a hired gun. If you need someone to fight your battles for you and the price is right, then I'll fight these battles. If you need someone gone from Precision and are willing to pay a large sum for that to occur, then that person is gone. I'm not here for glory or championships. I am not just a professional wrestler, I am a mercenary. I am the person that tyrants will hire to torment your heroes and I am the man that your heroes will look to to bring that tyrant down. My loyalties lie with nobody but myself and my clients...

Rayner picks up a mask from the ground next to him and gets to his feet, now looking dead at the camera.

Kyle Rayner: Tonight, I will again prove my worth against another of Precision's champions and I will use this man's name to further add to mine. If you need something done, look no further. If you are on the receiving end then know that it was purely business... I am Kyle Rayner...

He puts the dark mask over his face and grabs the camera, pulling it right up to his masked face.

Kyle Rayner: And Austin Cruz... You're next.

Rayner's gloved hand covers the camera lens just as it did when the video started and in a sudden moment, the feed is cut and all that remains is static.


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