Choose Ryback's next opponent!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Matt, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. Not sure about the rest of you but im loving his mini feud with jinder malah :ryback:

    I think they're booking it perfectly, especially with what happened on smackdown this week. I'm hoping they have a match at summerslam.

    So after Ryback is finished eating Jinder, who do you want to feed to him next? I definitely think it should be another mid card heel as i dont want him being pushed to main event too quickly. people are way to quick to get a boner over somebody and go HE NEEDS TO BE PUSHED NOW!!! PUSH HIM NOW!!! WHC TITLE NOW!!! and they don't stop to think that this might not be the best move in building up the character. if they get to the top quickly, the only way for them is usually down (just like the 'chosen one')

    So who do you want him to fight next?

    I'd go with Hunico or slater. who would you choose?

    Get the IC belt back on this man, or the US title. Have him have an epic fued where Cody always seems to get out of losing the belt until a PPV....
    Then cosy goes to ME and ryback can be the Mid card champ a while.... Like warrior did
  3. You're thinking a bit too far ahead :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Miz has only had the title for a very short while. taking it off him this soon would even further destroy it's reputation.

    If we're talking about further in the future i would have Antonio Cerealbowl or whatever he's called defeat Santino for the US title and have him hold it for a 2-3 month and then put him in a feud with Ryback who would defeat him for it
  4. No, no.... Rhodes will put him over tremendously then Cessaro would.
    Rhodes can easily claim to make the US title relevant again. Using countouts and DQs to save the prestigious title from a ruffian like ryback!

    Cessaro isn't established yet
  5. Have Ryback Defeat Both Cerealbowl (US CHAMP) and Rhodes (IC CHAMP) so he will have both of the titles! then combine both of the titles!
  6. Vince..... U crazy!!!!

    U sure that limo explosion didn't hurt something?

    Shucky ducky quack quack!!
  7. STFU I make the decisions in this canopy!!! :kiss:
  8. It's a very nice question. I'd say Cody Rhodes, doesn't need to be with the title but they'd need to make Rhodes more relevant somehow. Or maybe he could bury Kane so they stop putting him in important matches.

  9. I just dont want to see Rhodes get beaten any more. -.-

    Kane vs Ryback would be good. is kane a face or a tweener still? and how would that impact Ryback if it was a tweener/face vs face? Would they have to make one of them heel in order for it to be good?
  10. Oh yeah, Kane's a face now. Not really sure how that would work then. Also not really sure why they turned him. :facepalm:
  11. Yeah, but Rhodes can make ryback look like "millions of dollars". With the belt.... Then Cody can give the US title relevance to hand it to ryback. Then he can go to main event
  12. Kane's basically a tweener tbh. As for his next feud, I still say Big Show.

  13. Would they put Cody into the main event? :((


    yeah that's probably what will happen. 2 old fat guys stumbling around in a feud that benefits nobody and draws absolutely nothing :((
  14. I heard Cody was going to the main event after dropping the IC title. :downer:
  15. Lol Vince I meant Ryback vs Show, but I wouldn't be surprised if Kane and Show do feud.
  16. People need specify better :(( im not inside your brain i not know who you talking about :((
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