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  1. *It's the Precision before Fully Loaded, there is no one in the ring. Suddenly, lighting strikes the ring and Victor Sokolov appears, along with a table with 3 contracts on it, all closed. Victor demands for a microphone and when he gets it, begins to speak.*

    Victor: Listen up Slimeballs..... last week I was attacked by Anthony Sharpe. Unfortunately for him... he has just made the worst decision of his life! *Crowd boo very loudly and start chanting Anthony's name.* Chant him all you want... it won't make a damn difference! On this table are three contracts... and as you can see inside... *Grabs the first contract and opens it.* All 3 of these contracts feature Victor Sokolov vs. Anthony Sharpe... but they also have a mystery stipulation. *Points to the piece of paper covering the stipulation.* Anthony can choose any one of these contracts he wants.... BUT.... he has to sign it first before he can know what the stipulation is! Oh and trust me... no matter which one he picks... he will get destroyed and demolished either way! *Crowd boo loudly once again.

    Victor: Also.. last week, I defeated Jack Rouge in what can be called a classic match! I'm gonna keep winning matches during my stay with this company and absolutely no one can stop me! Not Rhys Haze... Not Jack Rouge... Not Will Neilson... and especially not Anthony Sharpe! How about you get out here so you can choose your fate Anthony!

    *After a few seconds Anthony's theme plays and a smile grows on Victor's face.*


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  2. Anthony Sharpes music begins to play and a massive reception from the crowd with cheers and chanting over his theme

    After about a minute there is no sign of Anthony. The crowd begin to die down and start chatting about the where abouts of the man. Victor seems to be getting more pissed off in the ring you can see his face begin to change in expression. Another theme song hits but it is not who Victor is expecting. The crowd begin to go bananas and begin to electrify and get rowdy once more

    Tony Stark walks down the ring with a much different look from before his injury. He comes out in Jeans and a top with Anthony Sharpes Strong Style logo on. He climbs in the ring and pushes passed Victor to grab a mic. He is about to talk however the crowd still drowning him out after his shocking return

    You guys missed me then. Oh Hiya, don't think we've met before, Victor isn't it? Well I can read and it says it on your boots, unless you stole someone elses but I doubt that. You, my friend are probably wondering why I'm out here and not Anthony, welllllllllllll. I just needed to know what all the shit Anthony was giving me on the phone was wroth all the hype. By that I mean you. He said 'he's like the devil' or 'he's a tough cookie' However the only thing I see is a man. A man that can't live up to the hype. You look like you wanna do summin about what I'm saying but unfortunately you can't touch a crippled man. I wanted to come out here and tell you that Anthony Sharpe is going to be your worst fear. The Devil Fears Strong Style. The Devil Fears Us.
    Bike refs can be heard frim around the arena and that can only mean one thing that Anthony is about he drives out with a new theme and drives round the ring and gets off the bike

    He climbs in the ring and grabs the mic off of Tony
    He's right you fear the best, you fear the worst but you Fear STRONG STYLE. I can beat you. Any stipulation. Anytime. Any place in the world. I'll give you credit you practically killed Will a few weeks back. However to beat me you're gonna have to KILL me. I'll sign any Contract because I know I can beat you. So I give you the option. Choose what contract you want me to sign. I win I get summin. You win you get summin now whatcha say
  3. Victor: Kid.... you honestly think I'm scared?! HAHAHA!! I'm far from it... and you bring out Anarchist Jr. to try and scare me? Oh please...

    *Victor picks up the middle contract and holds it in front of Tony Stark's face.*

    Victor: You see... it didn't matter which contract you picked. They all have the same stipulation, Tony your little "Strong Slimeball" buddy over here... will never step foot in a wrestling ring again after I'm done with him! *Crowd boo and Tony brushes off Victor's comments.* You've seen what I've done to Rhys Haze... Jack Rouge.. and especially your friend Will Neilson! Sign the contract! Your fate is decided!

    *Anthony pulls out a pen and grabs the contract from Victor. He signs it and hands it back, he is looking slightly nervous.*

    Victor: You can't kill me... I can't kill you apparently. This match will show who will be able to survive one another... *Victor rips of the piece of paper revealing the stipulation.* LAST MAN STANDING!

    *Before Anthony can even speak Victor breathes Red Poison Mist in his face and starts attacking Tony, Tony tries to fight back but is hit by a Hellblade. Anthony finally recovers but is hit by a Backhand to the face, nearly knocking him out. Victor sets up the table just a few inches away from the corner and puts Anthony on the top rope. He punches Anthony and hits an Avalance Hellblade sending himself and Anthony through the table. Both men appear to be down but Victor rises up and starts to laugh as he stands over both Anthony and Tony. The camera fades to black.*

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