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  1. I'm very interested to see what comes of this film. Hopefully its good. How do you feel about?

    Lexi Alexander to Direct the Chris Benoit Biopic Crossface

  2. Oh this I will watch for sure.
  3. I hope this won't be another documentary shitting on how wrestling is a sport where steroids get abused and where everything's terrible, but where they also show the good side of wrestling and just try to kinda explain what wrestling is. Chris Benoit is the perfect guy to show both sides of, honestly, so I hope they actually try to put wrestling in a good light as well instead of just burying it 10 feet under.
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  4. I think the conspiracy about his death would make a better story
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  5. This is still a thing? I remember reading about this years ago.
  6. The starting point of the film should definitely be at WM XX w/ him and Eddie
  7. Nah, I think the starting point should be how he started and go through all that first, to build up his love for wrestling and what eventually costed him. He literally went crazy because of wrestling. It's a crazy story when you think about it, but a lot of it has to do with wrestling so they have to definitely focus a lot on that.
  8. Starting 3 years before he died is pretty stupid.

    I'm on the fence on how I expect this to be, but I hope it's good. Chris Benoit was a monster, but I'm a sucker for a good documentary film.
  9. To be fair that may not be far off. Being a wrestler is not conductive to a long happy life. Relative to the number of performers that have gone through the WWF/WWE over the last 30 years a huge % of them are dead.

    I think its something like you are 7 times more likely to die early being a wrestler than the next most dangerous job which was forestry.

  10. Film makers create films all the time about serious subjects like this so it is nothing I object to. My only problem is if it will be compelling cinema or not and how they can try and show what might of been going on in hid mind to commit the wicked act.
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