Chris Brown Drake Diss.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Saylor, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Here's Chris Browns verse off the I don't like remix with The Game. I personally think Chris Brown went it and he just heated this shit up. I was on Twitter as soon as it happened and was reading through all the commotion, personally Chris Brown went in hard. What's your thoughts? (If you're not going to comment with relevancy then you're not welcome, don't post stuff like 'pussy's, 'who cares' or anything. This is strictly thread related only.)

    Chris Browns version:

    Full version

  2. He sounded hideous IMO, his disses were wack IMO beyond the yolo one.
  3. Chris did went hard, such a good diss. YOlO? I live twice!!
  4. I think Chris Brown went in, with the being said, I would like to see what Drake has to say.
  5. Drake is going to come back hard on another not wayne and nicki might hope on the track due to hes talking about nickis but which it is phat and tight
  6. :haha: Bitch please, the only thing you can hit is a woman. And Chris needs a history lesson on how to diss.
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  7. Chris is dumb hows that going to look for his younger fans talking about one on one drake would whoup his scraney ass
  8. We went from Tupac and Biggie and Ice Cube to this? :facepalm1: :facepalm:
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  9. Chris Brown? :haha:

    Pff.. I really can't take any of his songs. Should've gotten in the ring with Phil..
  10. Yeah rap is shit nowadays. I only loved the diss because of the yolo part since Yolo is so fucking annoying now.
  11. Chris is a bum and a woman beater
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