Chris Brown's Twitter Deleted!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by True Warrior, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. I was watching some show on E! Entertainment & apparently Chris Brown had a argument with someone & had some cuss words & his Twitter account was deleted.
  2. Honestly I hate the guy think he is scum so lol
  3. Fuck that piece of trash, IDGAF.
  4. Don't give a fuck about that scumbag. Hope he gets slapped in the face with a fish
  5. Was going to post something Boyle related. Frankie used to bag on him daily.
  6. Lmao the GOAT:lol1:
  7. This is a great start. Now we just have to figure out some way to delete everything else Chris Brown ever contributed to society.
  8. Get Doc Brown and the Delorean.
  9. Don't forget a coat hanger or brass knuckles
  10. Brass knuckles are far to nice for that guy I was thinking more of this.

    The Tucker telephone was a torture device invented by a physician at the Tucker State Prison Farm in Arkansas in the 1960s. It incorporated an old-fashioned crank telephone wired to battery cells. A ground wire was wrapped around the big toe of a prisoner and the hot wire was wrapped around the genitals. The crank was then turned, inflicting a horrible electric shock on the victim. This could – and did – lead to cases of organ damage and insanity. Its use was confirmed up until 1968, and there are also reports from Vietnam veterans that it was used on Vietcong prisoners using manipulated field telephones.
  11. And yet people still buy into his love songs. Someone put him in a cage with RYBACK! :happy: FEED ME BROWN! FEED ME BROWN! FEED ME BROWN!
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    Or send APA on his ass :jbl: :damn:
  12. If his account has been deleted then thank god that guy is scum and he should of been locked up for what he did to Rhianna
  13. Anyone who straight hits a woman in the face is a balless coward.
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