Chris D'elia

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. This dude is so funny. All around just hilarious.......

  2. Fuck yeah!
    This dude is fucking funny. Saw one of his stand ups a while back.

  3. You saw him live or online? Pumped someone else knows him as more than just Topher. Havent seen Whitney (he produces and acts in it) but have been giving it thought lately.
  4. That's where I recognized his face, that Whitney show. They promoted that thing like crazy, is it still on the air?
  5. As far as i know. Also, watch Workaholics.
  6. What's that? Oh that's a real gun, sike that's just a potato gun
  7. Saw him live with a couple of friends, he's at the Laugh factory quite often.

  8. sounds like he got the Topher character from Jeremy lol
  9. Jealous as fuck, i miss California living, now im just California dreaming, for mid 2013.
  10. Bro's before ho's, but, you know, little bros before big bros.

    He is one of very few comedians who can laugh in the middle of a joke and i makes me laugh, and sometimes it makes it even better.

    The j-bro douche laugh is so funny, especially when he laughs trying to do it.
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