Chris Hero Finally Signs with WWE (KOW)

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  1. lmfao, ruined them right out of the gate. WWE really shits the bed sometimes.
  2. They're both great wrestlers in their own right so I wouldn't class them as ruined. The tag team division could have used them but they're talented enough to get over as singles wrestlers.
  3. They are both great wrestlers but WWE doesn't want technical wrestlers anymore. It's obvious with Bryan that they water down everyone's moveset. At least they have tag team chemistry that would allow both of them to shine, even if their moveset gets fucked.
  4. Good news they signed him. Bad news they're not using him in tag-team competition, though yet again, it's dirt sheet news.
  5. They'd be better off in the singles competition division, however WWE need to fix their tag team division, so why not put them as a team?
  6. Good news for both Hero and WWE. He's simply great talent - he can 'rassle, he can talk, he's charismatic, has a great look. If booked correctly, he could be a major player one day.

    P.S. Chris Hero vs. Rey Mysterio needs to happen.
  7. Damn, WWE needs to sign Generico, and have Sin Cara and Generico have a feud. Sin Cara is still injured, so it would give Generico the chance for a big push before Sin Cara gets back. Generico as heel for the win... Then again, I doubt Generico would be a heel since he's a high flyer. I don't recall and Lucha Libre styled wrestlers being a heel except for Eddie Guerrero.
  8. When you think about it, Generico is perfect, tailor-made for WWE - goofy and super-charismatic babyafce that refuses to stay down, with funny and likable antics, awesome entrance song, great mannerisms. He's also batshit insane in the ring.

  9. This. People seem treat him as a tag team guy but he's had a successful singles career also. I kind of want him to have a ppv match with Randy Orton at some point. They could work really well together imo.
  10. Wonder how much @[seabs] would mark if Chris Hero & Cesaro were booked against Generico & Steen for next weeks RAW.
  11. [​IMG]

    It would be something like that.​
  12. Great talent. I especially like his crevate suplex from the RKO/Cutter position. But unfortunately WWE picked him from ROH and will probably use him in FCW and then bury him when he hits the main shows, like they do the talent they get from TNA. Remember Marquis Corvon (Monty Brown), Braden Walker (Wildcat Chris Harris) or most recently, Gail Kim's last uneventful WWE run?
  13. I'm not sure tbh some of the ex ROH talent have been handled really well recently, such as Dragon and Punk. Plus if anyone from the indie circuit had all the tools to explode in the WWE it was Hero. He has everything they ask for and more.
  14. Welcome to the site btw, first post was a good one :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    I hope they don't drop the ball, he could be THE guy to go to to revitalize this tag-team division. Give him a decent original gimmick too.
  15. True true...maybe the talent from TNA is who WWE likes to bury...
  16. I doubt it they pushed Christian and Jeff Hardy post runs in TNA. Braden Walker was in horrible shape when he debuted in the WWE, far from his shape as Chris Harris. Marcus Cor Von was never given much of a chance due to his short tenure in the company also. So both are debatable imo.
  17. Although king of wrestling was a great tag team, I always felt like Claudio and hero were better as single wrestler. Just watch hero in pwg and Claudio in chikara and yuk will see how great they are as single wrestlers, plus if they were tag team they would have been stuck feuding either with the usos or with santino and some other guy. As single wrestlers I can see them having awesome matches with danielson, punk, Dolph,hunico, regal and others.
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