Chris Hero

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  1. I just seen this on a Tumblr Post it seems legit

    Regarding Chris Hero and WWE, word is that he is still on their radar the company has not passed on him. Hero will be undergoing more medical tests in January and if things go as expected, he will be signed. Hero’s last round of tests for WWE were done in September.
  2. I'm really excited for this hopefully he teams with Ceasero again. The KOW in the wwe could save the tag team division.
  3. admittedly i don't know much about the guy but i have seen people make a big deal about him an am excited to see him i might have to check some of his ROH stuff out
  4. Definitely hope he comes into the WWE. Tag Team needs him!
  5. Here are a few good matches involving hero :

    He's a really solid guy both as the KOW and as a singles guy imo.

  6. ah dude thanks :emoji_grin: i cant watch them yet as my mobile broadband dongle thing only streams after 12 at night and before 4 in the afternoon so it gives me something to watch later :emoji_grin: i'm gonna rep you for that anyway :emoji_grin:
  7. I wish people would search, I already posted this.
  8. Multiple news sources in one post is hard to remember though Johnno :emoji_wink:
  9. It's like 3 things I posted in my thread have now been posted separate. :/
  10. sorry dude i never seen it D: could you add a link to your thread i cant find it
  11. I suggest PM'ing him Pipe :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. ah i found it earlier it was under something like news and stuff i didnt realize haha my bad anyway