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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Dat Kid, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. Not that I watch NXT or anything, but a couple weeks ago I went to this indie show in Brooklyn and Hero was there. A friend of mine wrestles for the promotion, so he actually got to talk with him. They didn't talk a lot about NXT, but my friend told me that Hero said he was let go because he was an older guy and with the current roster already having older guys, they didn't have a place for him. Nothing was brought up about weight or anything, but that still doesn't factor it out as a possibility.
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    In his shoot interview he said he was let go because he had a bad work ethic and was not willing to try out new things. He also said one of the top officials made a comment stating "it's not goodbye forever, it's goodbye for now".

    If age was a factor, I'm sure guys like Leo Kruger, Konnor and Viktor would also be long gone especially considering the little amount of experience they have compared to Hero.
  3. Gotta agree on Konnor, But Viktor has been wrestling since 2001 and Krueger since like 99 I believe.

    But yeah, age was probably just an excuse from him. Bad work ethic more likely. And as he said, good bye for now. Not forever
  4. I thought I may have been off with Kruger because of his long run in developmental, but Viktor has been wrestling that long? Jesus.

    You do have to agree that neither have the experience to the level of Hero does, though. Right?
  5. Hart dungeon trained.
  6. Well shit.
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