Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. And it is........ KASSIUS OHNO

    See my reaction below.
  2. WTF are they doing?

    Arghhhhhhhhh :cry:
  3. Kassius Ohno


    That Young Knockout Kid's all coming together now.
  4. Not a fan of any other wrestling brands so can someone tell me what's going on?
  5. He was called Chris Hero for years then he goes to the WWE and gets this crap. It would be like CM Punk being renamed as Bob Koslov Rocker, ridiculous.
  6. Cassius Ohno and Antonio Cesare...

    Lets hope they can keep the "Kings of Wrestling" moniker.
  7. They seem to be giving him a European vibe as this name seems pretty German to me. So I'm expecting him to be stereotyped with Claudio for cheap heat. I can't see them using the kings of wrestling tbh, more likely the queens of sports entertainment with Vinces "Creative".
  8. Are they sticking as a tag-team?
  9. It makes sense to keep them together so probably not. Hero jobbed to Xavier Woods in his debut according to wiki, so I doubt it.
  10. He picked the name lol
  11. Really? Why?
  12. KO are the initials, goes with his nickname on the indys
  13. No I meant why would you say he chose the name? I can't find anything close to saying that.
  14. I hope they do stick together, it'd b a sign of them wanting to revamp the division.
  15. It's really sad that WWE fans have this little faith in the sport we love so much. But they've earned it.
  16. I was browsing another forum and saw that a couple of people were discussing this subject. Apparently, FCW wrestlers get a large say in their name. They are just told that they have to change it.
  17. It's still a horrible name either way imo. It sounds really stupid, Chris Hero was too but atleast it was the name he'd built up over the years. I get they do it for legal purposes but they should at least make some effort.
  18. Chris Villain could of been good.

  19. I wouldn't have minded the KO initials but the name is just awful, Kassius is a horrible name for a wrestler as is Ohno. Kris Oxley or something to similar effect would have been an improvement imo.
  20. Mike Tyson - Tyson Kidd
    Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) - Kassius Ohno
    Evan Bourne - Jason Bourne
    Trent Barreta - Berreta the gun manufacturer
    Seth Rollins - Henry Rollins
    Abraham Washington - Isn't it obvious
    Derrick Bateman - Jason Bateman

    You guys get the picture, right?

    Edit: Santino Marella was named after Gorilla Monsoon.... who would've guessed?
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