Chris Jericho flying from Steel Cage on RAW 8/9/14

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shortie861, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. So again, I am yet to see RAW however I have seen a lot about Chris Jericho taking a huge leap from the Steel Cage during his match with Bray Wyatt which from what I understand was quite epic to watch.

    What were your thoughts when Jericho took the leap from the top of the steal cage? I'm personally excited to see it when I watch RAW later as it's been a while since I have seen Jericho take any kind of risk moves like that.
  2. It was good to see Jericho do something that will be remembered like that. He honestly didn't do anything fancy....he literally jumped off going into what looked to be a cross body but then just smashed into to watch. Made the match and feud more interesting.
  3. Didn't Rollins do dang near the exact move later.

    I agree, it meant a lot more coming from a grizzled veteran like Jericho.
  4. I agree, it's a move we tend to see from younger wrestlers a lot more now but I believe when it's a wrestler that you may have grown up watching in the WWE who you now don't see take half as many high risk moves as that in the ring, to do it an pull it off it can give you that kind of "Wow" moment I think and can stay with you for a while.
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  5. He doesn't really take the chances much anymore, but i'm glad he did this time around.
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