News Chris Jericho Negotiating A New WWE Deal, Possible Reason He Doesn't Want To Appear On TV

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Nov 19, 2014.

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  1. Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

    "We first reported that Chris Jericho will be returning to WWE in Januarybefore The Royal Rumble. We also noted that Jericho is being advertised for the January 17th WWE live event in Las Vegas, leading to speculation that he may be in the 2015 Royal Rumble match. Jericho will reportedly be appearing on other WWE live events beginning in January and the two sides are working on a deal right now.
    The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE officials seem confident in a deal being reached as they've told WWE's marketing department that Jericho is to work a full live event schedule during January and February.

    The idea right now is that Jericho will be the "reverse Lesnar" in the sense that he only works live events and will not work TV or pay-per-view events during those two months. Plans can always change as Jericho didn't want to appear on TV last week when he worked the UK tour because he didn't want to come back and have his return not be a big deal. This may be the same reason why Jericho doesn't want to work TV or pay-per-view events on this next return that's being negotiated.

    Jericho is not currently scheduled for WrestleMania 31, but would be able to appear as Fozzy's European tour wraps on March 21st."

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  2. I remember reading something that came out a few days ago that mentioned Y2J saying that he will most likely not be involved in WM 31.
  3. What's the point of him coming back every other month? Seems redundant.
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  4. Jericho is useless. He puts people over all the time, it doesn't mean anything since 2009.
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  5. Jericho is alright. At least he puts 'em over... Unlike Cena.
  6. But nothing is gained with a win against Jericho. Nothing. At least when people go over Cena, it means something. You gotta protect your value. And Cena put over Lesnar at SummerSlam, remember that squash? Remember that SummerSlam from 2013 too?
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  7. Jericho is not worthless, it's not like he hasn't achieved anything in his career. The guy may not be on his top game anymore, but he can still deliver. And Cena, while being boring, he puts talent over only once or twice a year. The talent that is a million times better, by the way.
  8. Once or twice a year is enough. Sometimes even too much. Let's face it, Bray Wyatt is not that good, the burial from Cena was proper IMO. Harper and Rowan are much better anyway.

    And in terms of star power, Jericho IS worthless. I like the man, really do, but WWE already has 4-5 guys who can have a good TV match every week, Jericho adds nothing. The Rock adds something. Hell, even Lesnar adds something, albeit not much. Jericho? That ship has sailed.
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  9. You're right, to an extent.

    Honestly, there was no need to end The Wyatts so soon, especially not by feeding them to Cena.

    With all due respect, saying that Harper and Rowan are much better than Bray is kinda crazy. But that's just my opinion. Harper? Yeah, maybe. I love Harper. But Rowan? Oh, please. Not shitting on him, but he was the weak link in The Wyatt Family.

    To each his own, though.
  10. Granted I've never heard Rowan speak, but he's a better wrestler than Wyatt and has a better and more intimidating presence. He comes across as a guy who knows how to work around his limitations insanely well.
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  11. That's fair, man... And to each his own.
  12. Well, Jericho isn't a bad addition in any way but yeah, his returns mean nothing.
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  13. Summed it up. It's sad. He's trying too hard to be different at this point.
    Being contrarian is great, but at some point you really do have to go into business for yourself.
    Why would Kevin Nash step into the ring and job to Fandango? He wouldn't. He'd laugh at that sh*t.

    Is he in danger of becoming "The Wrestler"? Ironic, right? It isn't exactly the same, but having no worth at age 44 is what it is.
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  14. Yeah, Jericho is basically like Mick Foley now in that he's jobbed to people for so long that going over him doesn't really mean anything anymore. And it's been that way since about 2012 at least. Hell, people are shocked and amazed whenever he himself picks up any sort of significant win now (Ziggler at Summerslam 2012, Wyatt at Battleground this year, etc.)
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  15. I'd be completely fine if Jericho didn't come back to WWE. I don't dislike him, but the only reaction he manages to get from me is 'meh' and a shrug at best.
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  16. I'm always down for a Jericho return, but they're more or less the same every time. If he's going to return I want him to change it up. Have him be a heel GM to replace The Authority if they lose at SS, just something other than the happy, go-lucky Y2J.
  17. All I saw in the OP was "this might happen, but it might not, and the want this to happen, but that might not"
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