Chris Jericho or CM Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Who is the better talent? Let's break this down into the three most important aspects of pro wrestling.

    Ability on the microphone - I'd give this one to Punk due to him having higher peaks, Jericho may be slightly more consistent but Punk can pull out some of the best promos in modern wrestling.

    In ring ability - This is where it gets a lot closer, Jericho is a lot cleaner when it comes to executing his moves but Punk is the better seller and has the better understand of psychology in his matches especially using his facial movements things make sense when he's in the ring but Jericho has the better involvement of his character. Punk wrestles the same no matter what his alignment but Jericho plays up his character traits more.

    The look - Jericho is a lot more marketable than Punk due to more muscle mass and less tattoos.

    Microphone ability - 
    In ring ability -
    The look -
  2. Jericho, Jericho, & Jericho. Punk is good on the mic, but wildly overrated because of his great worked shoot. He is a bit of a one hit wonder IMO
  3. Microphone ability - Jericho, but it's so damn close it's borderline impossible to decide. A great example of this is their latest head to head a couple weeks ago on RAW. Both of them delivered promo of the year stuff, equally as good, smashing Rock/Cena out of the park and stole the show. But Punk made two stutters. Jericho is more consistent which in my opinion pushes him slightly ahead of Punk. Punk isn't a one shoot wander at all. His rant at Johnny Ace, Triple H, Vince and more recently Jericho is proof of that. But Jericho in my opinion is the greatest on the mic of all time.

    In ring ability - I can't judge. Not seen enough of recent Jericho to see. Punk again can be inconsistent and sloppy - but he's still one hell of a worker and seller. I think Jericho's in-ring psychology is unmatched and I personally prefer his move set, but as for who could carry a really good match I'll go with Punk because of Jericho's ring-rust.

    The look - Jericho. No questions asked really.
  4. Microphone ability = Jericho. This guy can invest many people to pay attention to him without talking and when he talks it's perfect.

    Wrestling ability = Jericho. Jericho can do many awesome things like lionsaults and all sorts of high flying. He can invent a move if he wanted too.

    The Look = CM Punk. I like CM Punk's mic and wrestling ability but it doesn't surpass Jericho. CM Punk gives that edgy look that makes you think about who they are while Jericho is somewhat like that.
  5. To be honest it's really close on look too. Jericho looks perfect for his role as does CM Punk.
  6. DUH! CM PUNK! :pity:

    But in all seruis if ur taking about right now it is CM PUNK NO QUESTION! But if u taking about 6 years ago then yes Chris Jericho would be better but right now HELL NO! IT NOT EVEN CLOSE! :pity:
  7. Jericho in every way. He has more charisma and mic skills. Punk is good - but in my opinion, not great - on the mic. This may seem like a weird criticism but the mere sound of his voice just doesn't have much of a charismatic sound to it, he has a bland and somewhat boring voice. Jericho is only slightly better in the ring. And I do think Jericho has a little more of "the look" than Punk does, because his arms and chest aren't covered with tattoos.
  8. Have to say Jericho.
    Good mic skills, CJ for sure, really serious in his role, which is very good.
    In ring, have to say Jericho, when you looked at Jericho at the Miz/Truth botch, he was sneaking to get there to check on them. Really good selling skills aswell.
    The look, pff.. Chris could wear anything and have done everything with his hair and stuff.
    Punk looks good, but he could be Tony from the Pizzeria.
  9. Punk marks are going to despise this thread.
  10. Sure thing, I'm already sitting in my basement waiting for it..

  11. CM Punk can rock any look. The heel type of beard worked well, his facial scruff of a beard he has had, his short haired look in Nexus.. he has a better look. I prefer Jericho's mic work, but CM Punk's in-ring ability surpasses the 42 year old Jericho's now, but in his prime? No way.
  12. I really want his long hair, clean face look back. The look from RoH was immense.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Chose a bad picture but yeah.
  15. Daniel Bryan.
  16. Isn't that picture from IWA:MS? I can't recall him wearing the basketball jersey that often tbh.

    I always thought this was his best look.

    @[Thewindyfan] Bryan is better in ring but isn't as good on the mic as either of these guys. He can cut good / great promos but he's the level below these.

  17. So, should it be like this?
    Breaking the walls down btw.

    Or something else? Lemme see it then Crayo! :emoji_grin:
  18. Boston Crab and Walls of Jericho are completely different. Just because Jericho is F'n awesome. End of discussion.
  19. Not sure, I swear he had a long blonde spell in RoH?

    Anyway, I also love that Purple hair style too tbh.
  20. Please don't do the 'Caps Guy' thing. It's really sad.

    Sorry for the photo guys..
    Just googled CM Punk ROH and copied + pasted it.
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