Chris Jericho posted a pic after ER

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    ''What a war at Extreme Rules. Don't think wrestling can be real? I beg to differ....''


    Pretty rough..
  2. Kendo stick shots are weak shit. Yea it stings like hell but no wrestler fears taking those shots. Anyone with a kendo stick who is stopping by the bay area hit me up and we can practice our kendo stick shots on one another. I ain't scared of that shiot
  3. Yeah, it must sting when you get hit, but it doesn't really hurt that much. I'd take one or two.
  4. But wrestling is fake though the moves are all planned, the wins/loss are planned. How can he say that
  5. Not every move is planned in wrestling. Certain spots throughout the match are pre planned and the finish if 99% of the time pre determined. In between the spots and the starting and ending bell the wrestlers have to improvise and actually doing professional wrestling hurts. Otherwise it wouldn't be considered one of the most damageridden sports out there.
  6. :haha:. Dude, do you really think Jericho is going to say it's fake? Hell no. He is in character. Although the match is planned, the shots and drops still hurt. For example: When Punk Scoop Slammed Jericho through the announcement table deck, he fell through a small piece of wood, and then on the floor. That, is an example of pain.
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