News Chris Jericho responds to HHH's comments; Says bye bye to WWE?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 22, 2013.

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    Fuck you HHH. Jericho da GOAT
  2. Just sounds like Jericho kayfabbing/trolling. This'll most likely just be a way to work him into the corporation angle when he returns (whenever that may be?).
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  3. Just like when it totally wasn't him behind those promo videos, and he was skiing in Canada and mysteriously returned the same night.. Jericho is the biggest Twitter :troll: going.
  4. Looks like Jericho has washed his hands of WWE good on him for speaking back and owning HHH
  5. I'd certainly put Jericho over Trips. I think that Triple H is really overated, I mean he's never really been any good on his own. He's always needed a stable to be interesting, Whereas Jericho is absolutely amazing.
  6. As for going in ring wise and character wise, I would no doubt put Jericho over Triple H. The thing is, Triple H has more of a main event look than Jericho in my opinion, and has been booked stronger in his career. That being said, I would still prefer Jericho over Triple H anyday.
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  7. If anything, this means he'll be on Raw next week.
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  8. Jericho/HHH @ WM30. You heard it here first.
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