Chris Jericho & Rey Mysterio Updates

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 10, 2014.

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  1. It is believed that during the past week Chris Jericho has been contacted in order to try and arrange a comeback for him to the WWE. He's been busy touring with his band Fozzy and they will actually be at Rock on the Range, AKA a huge music festival where I live in Columbus, OH.

    He says he's committed to some other projects and currently has a tight schedule as well so I believe his return will be more closer to the end of the year.


    Below are some questions in relation to Chris Jericho's current status that he apparently answered.

    Now turning attention to Rey Mysterio who has been through his fair share of injuries during his career.
    Back on Apr. 30th he was scheduled to meet with head executives to discuss his future affairs in the WWE. Nothing has been officially confirmed but according to the article and a few others I've come across it seems as if he will be on a new "Ambassador" deal which will allow him to do promotional work in the spanish markets as well as still be a part time wrestler. It's strongly believed that Vince still want's him on TV in some form.


    Article is in the Yahoo! article with Y2J and also below:
  2. Well, it's best for Rey, really. The guy can't work a full schedule anymore.
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  3. Yeah it's a good deal for Rey; I haven't really seen a deal quite like the one he was offered.
  4. I'd like to see Y2J back. He'd push younger talent or become a tag team with Christian, because why not?

    But seriously, Rey should just stop already. The guy fucks up his legs always 3 weeks after a return. ''Oh, my knees are fucked, better 619 the shit out of everyone.''
  5. Christian has to be done at this point; I love Captain Charisma and all but I don't want to see him do any more damage to himself!

    I think Y2J could feud with Adam Rose; Heavy Metal vs Standard Rock'N'Roll and help give him a big push in all honesty.
  6. On a personal view it doesnt bother me if rey was ever back or not, ive never been a fan of him. Cant doubt his athletic abilities but i just never liked him.
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