Chris Jericho Says CM Punk Has Gone As Far He's Going To Go, Feels Ryback Should Win

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Oct 23, 2012.

  2. Punk is at his height. Has been since 2011 "Summer of Punk". He will slowly decline in the next 3 years. Chris is right.
    As for Ryback, I think he has to be built up longer before he holds the wwe title.
  3. I agree Punk won't ever get any bigger than he was last summer, but I still would have him go over Ryback.

    I would find someway to have Punk outsmart Ryback and win relatively clean, to show us how cunning Punk can be and show the chink in the armor of ryback is intelligence.

    Punk vs Rock at the Rumble is happening.. Punk should be built up as much as possible.
  4. Interesting point of view there. I wouldn't book Ryback to win as well. I think we're going to have some draw or similar stuff, let's see.
  5. I agree with most of what he is saying. If you said to me "Is it right for Ryback to beat Punk clean?" I would say yes, but not like this. Punk is being built for The Rock, he needs to go into that match as the "BITW" hot heel who just isn't losing. Ryback does not need the WWE title yet, they don't need this big new face yet when you have Punk, Rock and Cena nailed in the WWE title hunt at least until Wrestlemania. Afterwards, sure, have Ryback go over someone and create the new star because he's right, Ryback is going to be a star.

    Has Punk reached the top of his powers? No, not in my opinion, you can only say that when you have decent booking. So far his new heel run has been fantastic because of Punk, not really because of the booking because it's just been average; Punk wins, looks weak, boasts about winning, hides, wins weakly, etc. Isn't that oh-so-typical of all WWE heels? Punk is better than all of them, give him something massive and see what he does with it, because last time you did that you had an amazing summer angle.
  6. Jericho's logic is strong, but with Rock challenging for the Rumble (and Rock-Punk having been set up since the 1000th Raw), it's not happening. It'll almost certainly be a draw, so Ryback will be protected and still undefeated and stuff. And what reason would Taker have for randomly interfering in a Ryback-Rock WWE Title match? I also am not all for giving Taker's streak away just like that.

    What's funny is that Ryback would have been the perfect choice to be the one to end Punk's long reign, and it would have been perfect for it to happen at Wrestlemania. But because of their reliance on older stars (Rock), it now messes things up.
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