Chris Jericho spoils his return?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. I was on twitter this morning and Jericho tweeted:

    It's still on my phone, but it seems to be gone from the main Twitter website. :hmm:
  2. RETURN OF Y2J!?
  3. If anyone else follows him, check your timeline and see if you can see what I saw.
  4. I'm sure it just means he's looking forward to Raw (because of the Rock.) Although with WWE wanting to go all out with making tonight's show a memorable one, Jericho could make an appearance but I doubt he's returning full time just yet.
  5. I don't follow him, tell us :smug:
  6. I already did.....:pity1:
  7. Thank you Jose! :otunga:
  8. He's never coming back to WWE. :smug:
  9. Why not?
  10. He'll probably turn up next week with it being Raw's 20th, just trolling as usual I imagine.
  11. That's what he said.

    And then came back to WWE twice following that statement.:jeritroll:

  12. :lol1:

    Man, I'd mark so hard to see him again.
  13. Chris Jericho rule of thumb. When he comments a lot on the product, he's most often not coming back and is approaching it as a fan. When he starts denying the or slandering the product he is coming back.
  14. That's what Jericho has been saying on his Twitter, but he always ends up coming back.
  15. Do Jericho tweets really deserve a thread? He's always trolling people with that.
  16. He playing the marks on the internet hes not returning he is done with WWE
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