Chris Jericho Teases Full-Time Return

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  1. After taking an over one-year long hiatus from WWE, Chris Jericho returned to WWE in early 2012. However, he has not been a full-time member of WWE roster at any point since. His stints on WWE television have lasted everywhere from six months to one-off special appearances.

    But if fans are looking to see the Ayatollah of Rock N’Rolla on WWE television more prominently, Jericho does not rule out such a possibility.

    In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the former six-time World champion was asked about his current layout of appearances with WWE. While he does still enjoy wrestling, Jericho mentioned that he is not the one to come calling the company asking to return.

    In fact, Jericho admits to WWE’s invitation consisting of a full-time schedule, if he wanted to work one.

    A-unique thing that Jericho has been doing over the past few months is working strictly live events. They are non-televised shows that many wrestlers refer to as their “bread and butter.” On those events, there are no time constraints, limited storylines, and not a ton of verbal interaction. Rather, live events mostly feature wrestling and give the opportunity for never before seen matches to transpire and for other wrestlers to fine-tune their skills.

    That is a huge selling for point for Jericho.

    But if fans are worried about Jericho possibly never appearing on WWE television again, they can rest assured he will eventually return. Trying to balance his band, Fozzy, his podcast, Talk Is Jericho, his WWE appearances, and other outside projects make it hard to commit long-term to just one endeavor.

    With that said, there will eventually come a time to return full-time, and Jericho is excited with that idea.


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  2. The next time he's back, whether it's a full-time or a part-time deal, I want a heel Y2J, plz!
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  3. Jericho lost his swag. :dealwithit:
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  4. :gtfo: Roadie, there is only ONE ayatollah of rock and rolla. I mark for Jericho always.
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  5. I love Jericho and his little runs...but, he needs to come back this time and rock the boat somehow. like do something he's never really done. Join the Wyatt's? Something to that effect...drastic and heel-like. that Jericho would keep me very invested in him.
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  6. I mark too, but he isn't the same swag master from 2000. Now he's like that main eventer that just always fights in the mid-card, feels like a 2002 Stone Cold.
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  7. If Sting can get a title shot, why not Y2J? At least he can hold his own weight in the ring.
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  8. Jericho and Owens happened?
  9. Yes, at a house show
  10. Isn't Jericho only a 1-time WWE Champion?
  11. Please tell me you're kidding
  12. Jericho vs Rollins would be awesome
  13. Why? He only held the WWE title 1 time.
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  14. Oh just the WWE championship itself. I thought you meant just as champion. Cause it was like 5 or 6 in total. Usually announcers will even say things like "Cena is a 15 time world champion" or "15 time WWE champion." I thought you meant in that sense
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