Chris Jericho To Leave After Night Of Champions

Discussion in 'RAW' started by djyolzwwe, Jun 23, 2012.

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  3. He's been trolling us for so long that I don't even believe him anymore. When he goes, he goes.
  4. Just like last time.
  5. So just because Jericho said it on Twitter people are speculating he'll leave then? :dawg:
  6. To be honest he will be. He's back on tour again soon. Don't expect his up-and-coming run to be anything but him promoting his album and jobbing.
  7. Such a shame considering he's pretty much the only full package WWE has. Such a waste.
  8. We've all said the same for years. He didn't want to play politics, so fair play to him.
  9. Dude is enjoying life.. Let it be. He has been with the company for so many years, and just focus' on his band now, and letting people go over, which is a good thing.
  10. What do you mean the only full package. They still have CM Punk. As @[Rainman] said, Y2J's been trolling us since the beginning of 2012. He said he was gonna leave after WM 28, then he said he was gonna leave before Summerslam. Y2J also shouldn't job as much, jobbing too much takes away your credibility. He could definitely put over Dolph Ziggler though. That would be an interesting feud. Build Jericho up and have him win the World title and give it up to Ziggler.
  11. @[Bobby Hill]
  12. I will leave the wweforums after the same ppv, forever......AND EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER!!!!!!!!!
  13. Stop tagging me for silly shit.
  14. What?!
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