Fast Lane Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles... If AJ don't win...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Feb 11, 2016.

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  1. I am guessing this will be a match at Fastlane. With that being said, I think a loss would look bad, specially against a part timer. No offense to Y2J but since he has been part-timing-it, I don't take his matches as seriously and if AJ were to lose to him... I would be severely disappointed in the WWE.
  2. Aj will win. Chris Jericho always jobs nowadays. He's the type of dude that puts others over.
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  3. Y2J puts everyone over, so no problem here. Styles wins.
  4. He is Ziggler with a flashier coat. :smirk2:
  5. I think he may lose now actually. lol
  6. Can't see Y2J winning. The only other possibility I see besides Aj winning is a double count out and them settling it at Wm32. But even that seems unlikely
  7. Only reason AJ lost their second match on SD is for their FL match to be their rubber match. It'd have been better if they saved their match for Fast Lane, but you know, gotta be 50/50.
  8. Who? AJ? No way, that wouldn't make sense.
  9. Wouldn't make sense for AJ to lose, unless they're gonna end this feud in another Pay-Per-View in a bigger match setting.
  10. It is going to carry over to WM where AJ wins.
  11. Oh, boy. Talk about stretching things out when they don't need to. At least in my opinion.

    AJ Styles losing at FL makes no sense to me. Then again, words like logic and WWE don't always go together in the same sentence.

    I mean, I wouldn't have AJ lose his first feud. I'd get it if Y2J won at FL while defending the IC title or something, and then lost to AJ at WM, but this is a rubber match.
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  12. I think he will lose, and Y2J does a heel turn, and then at WM we will finally see all of AJ's move in ring.
  13. Was thinking that they'd go with a U.S title ladder match, but it'd be easier to just do another IC one. Owens, Ziggler, Styles, Jericho, maybe Zayn, Breeze. Styles could move onto Owens after he beats Jericho, and Ziggler & Y2J pop in like bitter ex-life partners. Build on that. With the way the U.S title is going it'll probably be on the WM Kick Off.:haha:
  14. I honestly forgot about that belt lol
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