Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

Discussion in 'RAW' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 22, 2013.

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    How much would you be interested in seeing those two in the same ring and having a feud?

    I for once would like to see that. I mean, it can help Fandango and it also gives a chance for Jericho to actually work with someone. Fandango cna learn a lot from Jericho, and a feud with him can do no harm, but can grant him many many pluses in the future.
  2. Sure. That's the rumor and Jericho seems to love jobbing to people anyway.
  3. Zero interest, Fandango is a bore.
  4. 0% here too, can't stand Fandango. The gimmick alone is enough to turn me away, have Jericho feud with anyone else, hell i'd even watch Jericho Vs Khali.
  5. Love Fandango. 100% Care.
  6. Fandango away
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  7. Can just imagine the phone conversation between the two...

    Jericho: "Hey, Vince, I've got some days off around 'Mania season, mind if I come back and put some guys over, help out your company a little bit?"

    Vince: "Sure, why not? We could use the star power."

    Jericho: "Yeah, I see plenty of guys could use my help. Dolph Ziggler's got a big future in this business, he's got plenty of star power... OH! What about Daniel Bryan, can't wait to job to that guy... And Ryback could be a pretty big star who can use my help! What do you think, boss?"

    Vince: "Actually, we were thinking about dusting off the Disco Inferno gimmick and giving it to Johnny Curtis. What do you think?"
  8. And then Jericho put the phone down and never came back to the WWE!

    Well in my fantasy world that's what would have happened. Of all the people he could be against, why Fandingo, Fandongo, FinDanglo, etc.
  9. Jericho probably likes the character. Jericho is cool/odd like that.

    The character is fantastic in my opinion.
  10. I can't believe that shit ass gimmick has supporters lmao.
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  11. Well I'm glad someone thinks so, I however have no interest in the character and will happily not invest in his future.
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  12. There seems to be similarities between the presentation at least between Y2J and Fandango so it's logical the two would clash.
  13. #HatersGonnaGate #SlatersGonnaSlate
  14. But I love Slater, he's a boss. Why can't Jericho put HIM over :sad:
  15. Because Slater should be put over by the Honkytonk man. He's basically him in modern clothing.
  16. True, True. So does this mean Slaters gonna have a long ass IC run?
  17. Ideally yes.
  18. Now I'm going to go be sad that this will never happen.
  19. OH HELL NO! Fuck these Dancing gimmick! No 1 don't want to see it!
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  20. I don't like the fact that Jericho is probably going to be jobbing to some newbie. I guess it'll help Fandango get some heat though, so w/e.

    Fandango > You.
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