Chris Jericho's Contract

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Captain of Peepulation, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Hate Fozzy. Wish he would wrestle alllll year. There can be a feud for him and Ziggler now. That's good :cornette:
  2. Well, OK then. Better than no Jericho at all. :downer:
  3. At least he's back for a little while!
  4. chris jericho is back and vikkie is doing the right think in her first time :-)


    and she is still a slute
  5. Gonna be a great feud with Ziggler, I'm really hoping that he will get to feud with Daniel Bryan sometime though.
    A Face Jericho vs a Heel Bryan would be awesome to watch.
  6. I hate Fozzy, too. :downer:
  7. I'm just thankful that we're getting any Jericho at all to be honest!
  8. People complaining about Jericho doing what he wants with his life? Scrubs :smug:
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  9. I just read that he's doing house shows as well. Can't knock a guy for coming back and doing everything for the buisness. I do think his band sucks but good luck Jericho

    P.S. Write another book
  10. He is :yay: He talked aboot it on his twittah machine
  11. A bit of Jericho > No Jericho
  12. Jericho vs Ziggler WM 29
  13. Jericho is god.
    Bigger pop than the Rock at the RR.
    Also unlike Rock saying he does it for the ppl, Jericho looked genuinely moved, touched and buzzing of his reaction at the RR.
  14. Fixed
  15. I think Fozzy is pretty shit, but that doesn't mean who should stop what he enjoys just to entertain a few internet geeks :pity1:
  16. Uhh, I think that's exactly what it means :george:
  17. Nah. he can do whatever the fuck he wants, I just won't be listening to his music :dawg:
  18. At least we can see something of the Y2J again.
  19. Not to keen on Fozzy either
    Fucking bear :mad:

    Anyway Jericho coming back was a surprise and it's always a good thing to see him. He's at that point where it's acceptable for him to do part time, he's earned it.
  20. Everyone does, but at StopSpot said we gotta respect what he wants to do with his life.
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