Chris Jericho's Thoughts on TNA

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  2. He does have a very strong point, That was one of the things about TNA, They were different and then they brought it guys like Hogan and it changed that. Remember how great the X-Division was? Remember 6 sides?
  3. I have much respect for Jericho and his work and I think he has a point here, but to put Hogan & Bischoff and, a fucking Sting (the guy who basically put TNA on Spike) in the same basket? That's just redundant and wrong (even disrespectful to Sting himself).

    Sting has done 50x more for TNA than Hogan or Easy E will ever do.
  4. Woah we're talking about Easy E? When was he in TNA? Did he fake his death? :notsure:
  5. There's a hidden point here with "they're never going to get any smaller". See, even Y2J thought the IWC saying that TNA was doomed was ridiculous. Shame he didn't speak up so the sheep would follow his every word like they always do.

    Sting, the performer, is fine. There's a ton of things you can do with the guy. He's a GREAT gm, he'd make a wonderful tag-team guy, hell stick him on commentary. It's him being treated like the greatest thing since sliced bread that's the problem. Shall spare you the Hogan/Bitchoff rant for today. :happy:
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  6. Yeah, the big problem with Sting is that he's a top, top guy in the company. If he was used differently I particularly would have no complaints about him whatsoever.
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